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Top 9 Seafood Restaurants In Hyannis, Cape Cod 2022

It’s one of the greatest spots to go to Hyannis seafood restaurants where the seafood is the star. The seafood delicacies served in Hyannis restaurants are well-known throughout the world. So where to find Hyannis seafood restaurants? 

As of late, tourism, a strong bond with Barnstable, and some of the best clam and lobster shacks in one location have become Hyannis’ main draws. Main Street Hyannis has a unique and quirky Main Street that is all-American and is a great spot to go shopping, eat, and have fun. Everyone can find something to enjoy on Main Street in internationally renowned downtown Hyannis thanks to its unique stores, dining options, and entertaining attractions.

It is a well-liked summer beach and sailing destination with ferryboat service to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Island. It is also one of the main commercial hubs on the cape and a shipping location for fish and cranberries. So come and see the top 9 Hyannis Seafood Restaurants that many visitors have come and tried before.


1. Spanky’s Clam Shack & Seaside Saloon

Visit Spanky’s to get a taste of “Old Cape Cod” the way you remember it! This restaurant got the Now 2020 TripAdvisor’s Choice Award and was named the Best Seafood Restaurant in the Mid-Cape area nine times by Cape Cod Life magazine readers. Spanky’s is close to all the businesses, stores, and events on Main Street Hyannis and is situated right on the water in Hyannis Harbor, next to the Hy-Line Harbor Cruise Ships. For lunch or supper, stop by Spanky’s and indulge in our “wicked excellent” fried clams, scallops, and shrimp. Try our award-winning clam chowder, and delectably light fish & chips, or get a fresh lobster feast prepared in the New England style.

This restaurant’s freshest fish, clams, scallops, and steamers by the pound are all fished and harvested locally. Additionally, savor our house-cut New York sirloin steaks, spaghetti and chicken meals, fantastic cheeseburgers, and an abundance of specialty salads.

Every day, from the middle of April and the middle of October, Spanky’s serves lunch and dinner. Spanks has won the Best Seafood Restaurant award eight times and is located on the water in Hyannis Harbor close to the ferry boats to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.

Prices: Estimate $39-$104 for a meal


2.  The Naked Oyster Seafood Restaurant

The Naked Oyster is the perfect place for a fun dinner with friends or a romantic date night. Start off your seafood meal with one of the several oyster starters offered at the raw bar or a choice of dressed-and-baked oysters.

Order the regional sirloin with poached shrimp or the scallop and fig mascarpone ravioli for a unique twist on a classic meal. The Naked Oyster offers a superb selection of wines by the glass and by the bottle for you to enjoy with your delightful meal. Award-winning raw bar serving oysters from Barnstable’s Naked Oyster sea farm. Bistro ambiance near the bar with a more private dining room in the back and a wine room downstairs for 12 to 20 people.

Owners of The Naked Oyster grow their oysters in nearby Barnstable Harbor. Because they are farmed and collected by passionate farmers, you can be certain that these farm-fresh delicacies are superb and that you are feasting on the freshest oysters on the cape. Only dinner is served at the restaurant from Wednesday through Saturday. The service starts at 4:30.

When coming here, you must try the Rockefeller, Oyster persillade,… this dish will blow your mind.

Prices: Estimate $63-$91 for a meal


3. The Black Cat Tavern – Lobster, Seafood Restaurant

The busy Hyannis shoreline lies high above where you’ll find the Black Cat Tavern. If you enjoy a lively waterfront entertainment show when you are out to supper, think about dining at the Black Cat for a fun hidden patio lunch or dinner. It offers a wide selection of sharing-friendly appetizers. Eat locally by experimenting with baked Barnstable oysters and native steamers.

The massive black cat lobster roll is a typical Cape Cod lunch or dinner treat. The kitchen offers customers a vast selection of delectable dining options, such as baked, fried, grilled, blackened, and especially seafood.  

You can try out Lobster Rolls, Fish Tacos, and Clam Chowder,… Due to its popularity as a tourist destination, Hyannis’ waterfront area has a limited supply of public parking. If you are eating during rush hour, think about walking, taking a taxi, or using a ride-sharing service.

Prices: Estimate $52-$112 for a meal

4. The Raw Bar at the Bluewater Grille

This restaurant is well-known for its enormous, enormous, gigantic lobster rolls. Mayo is the only addition; all lobster meat! They also offer it as a Hot Buttered Lobster Roll sans mayo! identical in size to the standard lobster roll, but without mayo! All lobster meat is served with hot drawn butter on the side. This spot offered convenient lunchtime views. The lobster is as fresh and plentiful as most reviews claim, but paying for plastic cutlery, paper napkins, plastic glasses, and salad in plastic boxes is a big price to pay. You pay for the convenience and aesthetics of the place, not the dining experience.

This place serves Hyannis’s best clam chowder and lobster rolls! There is lots of parking and patio seating. An excellent place to have some seafood and cocktails on a sunny day. The fish sandwich is excellent even if you don’t like lobster. In contrast to almost everywhere else in Hyannis, the fish is grilled. There is a fantastic range of draught beer from numerous regional breweries. A Barbados Bob’s Rum Punch is a must-have if you’re in the mood for a drink. There is live music on the weekends. If you wish to watch a sporting event at the pub, there are many big TVs.

Prices: Estimate $30-$112 for a meal


5. Baxter’s Boathouse – Seafood Restaurant in Cape cod

In a seemingly unassuming, shingled hut on the water is one of Hyannis’s biggest seafood surprises. Visit Baxter’s Cape Cod while on vacation in Hyannis for a classic lobster roll or seafood feast. The restaurant is located on the bay and offers mouthwatering food and breathtaking views. The filled type of quahog is amazing if you’ve never tried one. Any Cape Codder would tell you that the quahog is the perfect Cape Cod meal.

Seafood soup, fried whole belly clams, steamers, and lobster any way you like are just a few of the typical delicacies available. In addition, they can be grilled or broiled. Dine at Baxter’s for Cape Cod’s greatest, most informal, fresh-from-the-ocean spectacular.  When visiting their Hyannis estate, the Kennedy family adores Baxter’s. One of the renowned family members may be sitting next to you in a restaurant.

Excellent vintage location, on the ocean. Visit if you’re looking for affordable, fresh seafood (mainly fried), salads, and sandwiches in a fantastic setting.

Prices: Estimate $29-$65 for a meal


6. Black Cat Harbor Shack – Seafood Restaurant in Hyannis

In the laid-back restaurant, Black Cat Harbor Shack is permitted to sit with you at an outdoor table. On lovely Hyannis Harbor, The Black Cat Harbor Shack is situated near The Black Cat Tavern. They’ll pack everything up for you if you’re on the go, or you may unwind while dining on Cape Cod fare on the front porch and watching the ferries pass by. accessible full bar.

The lobster rolls were the best in the region, and the service was excellent. The best lobster roll, according to many visitors, is found in Hyannis. The clam chowder was also the finest dish overall.

For a late-night bite, try the fried calamari side dish and the fried oyster taco. The amount was adequate, and the fried calamari side dish was excellent. It had the perfect amount of chewy inside and outside crunch.

The tacos with fried oysters were merely average. It just included a little pack of chips and a very modest quantity. Along with that, they definitely had good fried calamari!

Prices: Estimate $20-$50 for a meal


7. Portside Tavern

The best “Inspired American Cuisine” is served at Portside Tavern in Cape Cod. Currently on the seasonal menu are dishes like Duck Pot Pie, Veal Meatloaf, and Southern Fried Chicken with Mac & Cheese. Small and big dishes on all cereals and salads are available at this eatery. Discover why our renowned “South Shore Bar Pizza” is regarded as the greatest pizza in the region by trying it out. There are more than 50 wines available, 24 craft beers on tap, more than 15 beers in bottles, and our delectable “Craft Cocktails.” Not to add the “Largest Projection Screen TV” and more than 25 TVs south of Gillette Stadium.

French fries and lobster rolls were delicious. Crispy, cheesy, and delicious cheese pizza. nice assortment of wines. The waitress was really kind and attentive. The service was great. Excellent meal service was provided. Sandwiches, pizza, pasta, seafood, and meat meals are all available at Portside. Others adored the delicious, acidic clam chowder and the fried fish sandwich. The fish was substantial, had a fresh flavor, and had been well battered and fried. Both the brioche bun and the remoulade were excellent. It’s odd that a restaurant of this caliber doesn’t create its own chips or at least provide gourmet chips on the main plate (most dishes ranged in price from $25 to $32). The zesty, tasty clam chowder was excellent. It was nice, in any case.

Prices: Estimate $40-$120 for a meal


8. Cape Fish & Lobster Company

This restaurant has a very adorable and well-kept seafood store with all the fresh fish and shellfish you could ever desire, as well as toppings, sauces, and a ton of other “fixings”! One of the joys of visitors’ days on Cape Cod was sitting out back of the store and talking with the owner, who is said to be super lovely. There is enough parking and they were quite friendly to us.

They only offer the freshest produce. Never will you be let down. In actuality, it’s the greatest seafood restaurant anyone ever discovered in the nation. There is a review regarding how costly the lobsters are here. They are, indeed. They are worth every penny since they are so fresh and some only spent $18.99 per pound. Although you can find cheaper lobsters elsewhere, honestly it will not be the same.

Much more affordable than restaurants and delicious! When you went in with clam water and butter to go, they will have your steamers and lobster waiting. Their service, followed by their deliciousness, will brighten your day.

Prices: Estimate $70-$210 for a meal


9. Alberto’s Ristorante

Visitors can enjoy relaxed, great cuisine at Alberto’s in the heart of Hyannis. The extensive menu draws influence from Italian cuisine and places a specific emphasis on local, fresh fish.

The Truffle Gnocchi and the Mussels Fra Diavolo are also fantastic options to start. The variety of options for the pasta course is enticing, with delicacies like shrimp manicotti or lobster ravioli. In addition to serving fresh boiled or baked stuffed lobster, Alberto’s offers a variety of entrees with a focus on beef, chicken, veal, and duck. After eating the veal saltimbocca or the Milanese pig, you’ll be singing “O Sole Mio.”

There is a huge public parking lot behind Alberto’s. Before or after meals, park for free in a convenient spot to explore Main Street Hyannis.

Prices: Estimate $42-$70 for a meal


Here are the top 9 seafood restaurants in Hyannis, according to our list. Go ahead and sample the many different foods, seafood, and perhaps desserts that are available. Hyannis should be the next destination on your travel itinerary if you appreciate gourmet dining or are just a food fan. A lot of businesses and restaurants may be found in Hyannis’ bustling downtown when comes to seafood. The top 9 ten restaurants on the list are true hidden gems for a mouthwatering supper. When visiting Hyannis a few years ago for a road race, several people had some of the greatest and freshest seafood meals they had ever had at some of these restaurants. These eateries are particularly unique since they not only serve delectable food but also foster a laid-back yet vibrant ambiance throughout the day and well into the evening. These eateries were picked because of their unique menu selections, customer reviews, use of fresh ingredients, and our traveler’s personal experiences.

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