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Top 7 Sushi Japanese Restaurants In Hyannis Ma 2022

There are so many excellent sushi japanese restaurants to choose from that it can be challenging to know where to begin. The best seafood, indoor and outdoor seating, main street and waterfront dining, and other amenities all combine for a pleasant and satisfying dining experience. Fine dining, generally fried food, restaurants with global flair, fine sweet stores, and artisan bakeries are all offered as menu options.

There is no need to be hungry in Hyannis. When it comes to the most outstanding restaurants in Hyannis, choosing which one to go to will be the most difficult. When seated, you will be given a beautiful menu to peruse while sipping your favorite beverage. You should not miss any of the 8 sushi restaurants in Hyannis listed in no particular order below! They were picked for their unique menu offers, consumer feedback, and use of fresh ingredients.

1. Dragon Lite Restaurant

This restaurant serves the best sushi in town! The restaurant is spotless and cozy, and the pricing is reasonable! Other people’s eateries in the region spend money on beautiful fish tanks and decor. Drangonlite’s owners spend it on food! Excellent quality that is constantly fresh. The sushi is made from fresh seafood and is by far the best in town! They have been offering excellent Chinese cuisine for nearly 30 years. Have you ever noticed how the top restaurants can transport their guests to another world?

A room will be flooded with pleasant energy and Asian tranquillity upon entering. A steaming pot of potent Chinese tea soon graces the table. Following that, they serve unique appetizers such as their delightful vegetarian or wonderful shrimp spring rolls, which are so beautifully prepared you’ll swear they were crafted by a pastry chef.

Alternatively, try their wonderful thin scallion pancake. For those looking for creative beverages, The Dragon’s offerings are lush and lanky. Most diners order a chicken meal with mixed vegetables, and rice is delivered alongside saucy chicken slices swimming in a sea of veggies.

Furthermore, the staff is always attentive and doting without being overpowering. Set away the rest of the world and invite the Dragon Lite Restaurant inside. When looking for great Chinese food in Hyannis, some of the guests have had quite poor meals. Dragon Lite Restaurant is the most popular choice among visitors. Crispy and excellent eggrolls are available here. The flesh on the stick is delicate and delicious, with a characteristic flavor of shoe leather.

Fresh fried rice is an option. The crab rangoons may be wonderful, but some claim there will be less crab than normal. Everything was wonderful with a Mai Tai. The restaurant provides excellent service but can be silent at times. Many will undoubtedly return!

Prices: Estimate $36-$50 for a meal


2. Misaki Japanese Sushi Restaurant

Sushi is consistently delicious inside this place. The staff is always polite, however, service might be slow on busy summer nights. Tuna tartare, which is usually on the specials menu, is delicious.

When many people say their sushi is the freshest they’ve ever had, they’re not even exaggerating. The service is excellent, the sushi rice is smooth, and the fish is of exceptional quality. Because it can get busy, you should make a reservation in advance. Also, allow extra time before your reservation to find parking, as it might be difficult, however, this establishment is a hidden gem! Many would give it more stars if they could.

So far, their favorite sushi in Cape Cod is this place! Many enjoy lobster jalapeno. All of the sushi they’ve had here has been excellent. Many appreciate the charming tables with no-show sitting, but there are also standard tables. The service is always excellent. You should call ahead to ensure this restaurant is open on those days and times.

The food will be delicious and fresh. The special rolls are a little heavy on the asparagus, which can be odd, but the ordinary makes are delicious. Many always look for a place that will let them put a quail egg on top of their tobiko sushi; not many “genuine” sushi restaurants do. The hamachi kama is well-cooked and flavorful. Sushi restaurant in Japan. The chirashi is delicious. Fresh fish and well-prepared seafood. The chefs, who are also Japanese are really pleasant and kind.

Prices: Estimate $10-$25 for a meal


3. Embargo – Sushi Japanese Restaurant

The stuffed mushrooms, Cajun tuna tapa, and lobster sushi roll are many favorites. This place has excellent cuisine! The smoked salmon and spicy tuna sushi were many people’s favorites, although all of the tapas can be delicious.

This place is fantastic according to many people. The drinks are exquisite and crafty. Many people must remark that they serve the best evening pasta they’ve ever had. Everything else is fantastic. The oysters are flawless, with no shells in the shuck. With drinks, chicken and waffles are delectable.

The owner and his crew are said to be professional, and enthusiastic. Tapas are expensive, but they have half-price specials that you don’t want to miss, with something for everyone.

The menu includes a variety of items that many people like, and even their pickiest child could find something. Many people started with some clam chowder. It was one of their favorites, and they always had it at restaurants of varied quality. This place added bacon, which was a nice touch, but it was difficult to tell if the potatoes were just finely diced. In any case, they’d get it again in a heartbeat.

Calamari and poutine can be the other starters. The calamari with battered spicy peppers can be delicious. The poutine can be tasty because it is poutine, but many had better. You can order a Big Mac on a pizza. Many haven’t left the Cape yet, but they’re thinking about getting one on the way home.

Prices: Estimate $30-$45 for a meal


4. Ying’s Sushi Bar & Lounge

The best sushi bars may have had on the cape. Everything is created fresh and so tasty! Many people have met the owner, who was incredibly nice and friendly! They had the Tom Kha soup and their friend got the Pad See Ew (fat noodles) really amazing. You have to try the chive dumplings as an appetizer.

The sushi chef behind the bar is really friendly. Plus, at other places, they placed our sushi order directly with the sushi chef behind the bar. He then delivers their sushi plates and finishes them. It’s the funniest thing because they’re literally sitting right in front of him as he prepares their sushi.

Ying’s can be very excellent! So much food seaweed salad, pad se ew, pineapple fried rice, pork shumai, crab rangoon, and scallion pancakes. Everything is fantastic. And many haven’t even started on the sushi. Spicy tuna, eel avocado, salmon avocado, shrimp tempura, and so many more.

The sushi can be very fresh, and the real fish is not skimped on. Many people enjoyed every roll they tasted and ate till they were stuffed. But the pad se ew was the star of the show. So delicious that many were arguing over it. The noodles were wonderful, the bok choy was snappy, and the sauce was out of this world. The scallion pancakes and crab rangoon were tasty but paled in comparison to the rest of the menu, so they went mostly unnoticed.

Prices: Estimate $35-$65 for a meal


5. Kobi House

Many people were greeted by a nice hostess who seemed to work a variety of duties – hostess, water server, general experience manager – as soon as they came in.  Serving a dozen people hibachi at the same time is a difficult task, but they excelled at it. Their cook was amusing and entertaining.

The dinner was so good that the hibachi chef had to return a lobster tail to the kitchen because it was too little. The one they brought out instead was massive, and it was cooked to perfection. Many people sampled almost everything on the menu, including chicken, steak, filet, shrimp, scallops, and lobster tail. The scallops were large, meaty sea scallops that were well-cooked. As is customary with hibachi, the portions were generous. Many customers also had sushi, which received great praise from others. Everyone who goes to hibachi wants that amazingly delicious fried rice.

Fried rice and vegetables are delicious! Sake goes right into your mouth from a squirt bottle, so be prepared! Carlos and the other cooks are just as engaged and entertaining as you are. You’ll have a great time if you enjoy yelling, hollering, and applauding. This isn’t the place to have a calm romantic affair. Make no mistake about it: Kobi House is a party venue. Many a boring group has had a boring time, and they are unlikely to return. It’s just as well. Consider it a rock concert and join in the fun!

The chefs and this Japanese restaurant are among the best anyone has seen anywhere in the country. They serve the greatest steak cuts anyone ever had in a Japanese steakhouse. Surprisingly, the place was mostly deserted. It’s a hidden Jewel in the midst of trash, in their opinion.

Many people choose the Hibachi from the menu, which featured a number of selections. The Hibachi was enjoyable and engaging, and the food was delicious. The service was just as good as the meal. Many wholeheartedly suggest this eatery.

Prices: Estimate $20-$45 for a meal


6. Bamboo Hyannis

Bamboo Hyannis delivers some of the greatest Asian food on Cape Cod. Whether you want a gourmet meal or to commemorate a special occasion, Bamboo will have the perfect elements for your dining experience. Come have dinner or lunch with them.

Some of their goals include providing you with dishes that are constantly made with fresh ingredients and flavors that will bring back memories while also inviting you to try something new. Bamboo is passionate about Asian cuisine and wants to share his enthusiasm with you.

The other Asian cuisine will be wonderful, with a fresh flavor. It will be a fantastic experience with fantastic service and food. The dinner is considered to be delicious. Sushi was a favorite among some attendees. Each course will be freshly prepared, and the service will be perfect, as they claim.

It is spacious, comfortable, and lovely. This location can get crowded at times. The staff offers timely, friendly, and helpful service. There is plenty of parking nearby, or you can walk if you are staying at one of the many hotels along this length of road. The food is going to be fantastic. Some diners ordered traditional Chinese cuisine, however, if you prefer sushi, there is a sushi bar across from the bar.

This entire setup is excellent. Many folks appreciated the duck that they served. There is a large menu and a full bar. The entire evening will be excellent, and some individuals highly recommend visiting this place if you’re craving Chinese food as they were. Options on Hyannis are limited, but this will be amazing and readily available.

The host is quite nice, and the restaurant staff is as courteous. Many people began with some traditional appetizers like as excellently made Scallion Pancakes, Egg Rolls, and Spicy Scallops. You can shift your attention to their delectable spring rolls and handmade fried rice. It’s simply delicious. Perfect preparation for your long drive home!

Prices: Estimate$45-$70 for a meal


7. Sarku Japan

Many people ordered the shrimp and chicken combo with fried rice, which came with an enormous amount of food. For a decent-sized dinner, the price was reasonable. Their chicken meal is delicious and filling for the price. After they placed our order, the chef prepared their food in minutes. A generous serving of chicken teriyaki with rice and chow mien.

The food was fresh and tasty, with a large quantity for around $10, plus they took advantage of an offer in which the second entree was half off the standard price, an even better deal! Many people got the chicken teriyaki, and while anyone had better, at this price point, Many people haven’t had much better. Their teriyaki chicken is some of the greatest anyone ever had. And the vegetables and rice that come with it are delectable.

Prices: Estimate $20-$45 for a meal

The 7 sushi restaurants in Hyannis on the list are worth the try for everyone. These restaurants are unique in that they not only provide wonderful food but also create a comfortable but vibrant ambiance throughout the day and into the evening. The top sushi restaurants in Hyannis were picked based on their unique dining options, customer surveys, fresh foods, and personal opinions.

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