Top 19 Best Hotels In Palm Springs ($100 – $1000)

Palm Springs has the best hotels in Palm Springs. Since roughly the turn of the century, Palm Springs’ hotel industry has been going from strength to strength. There is now something available to match each aesthetic preference, ranging from quaint country inns to serene boutique hotels. Are you interested in reserving a luxurious villa that has five stars, is fully equipped with every convenience imaginable, and also has a cool restaurant? To answer your question, yes, Palm Springs offers a lot of that as well.

You are just as likely to see a group of European retirees exploring the famous Architecture and Design Center as you are to see a Hollywood A-lister reclining by the pool. One thing that hasn’t altered is the mesmerizing “desert modernism” design and unobtrusive attitude. And while we’re on the subject of swimming pools, every single hotel that this blog recommends has one. A hotel in Palm Springs without a pool is like a martini without an olive, after all (spending time poolside is practically a required thing to do for travelers in this spirited town).

It’s going to be a scorcher, so make sure you pack some shorts and sunscreen for your vacation, whether you’re going there for the Coachella music festival or you’re simply looking for a fun getaway. Take a look at the various possibilities that are listed below. However, many strongly suggest that you make reservations in advance, particularly during the peak season, which is from September to April. Here are the top 19 best hotels in Palm Springs.

1. Korakia Pensione Hotel

This is the ideal destination for a romantic getaway. You won’t even feel like you’re in Palm Springs thanks to all of the lush Mediterranean and Moroccan vibes that are scattered all over the place. The distinctive keyhole-shaped grand entrance of Korakia will be the first thing you notice when you arrive. Citrus blooms, olive trees, oleander bushes, date palms, bougainvillea vines, stunning Moroccan fountains, and a stone cascade can be seen in the primary courtyard area.

It has been dubbed one of the “sexiest hotels in America” or “best hotels in Palm Springs” and is a hotspot frequented by celebrities such as actors, writers, producers, and photographers. The villas were initially constructed in the 1920s and 1930s, and they were upgraded at a later date. However, every room will still contain antiques and handcrafted pieces of furniture. Oh, and did I mention that there are two pools, both of which are heated? What else does this hotel not have?

Prices: Estimate $509-$835

2. Hilton Palm Springs Hotel

When it comes to running hotels, these individuals at Hilton know what they’re doing. Who would have ever thought it? They’ve got quite the Palm Springs setting here: smack in the middle of everything, with the San Jacinto Mountains as a backdrop, and with some of the best restaurants and coffee shops in the area just a short distance away. And if you’re up for some exploration, how about this?

To start your adventure, all you have to do is hop on the shuttle bus provided by the Hilton Palm Springs. The pool area is a doozy, with a nice size pool and lots of space for reclining under the Palm Springs sun. If you are staying at the hotel (and why not? ), then the pool area is a doozy. In addition, there is a very decent spa on site in addition to several high-quality places to eat and drink, and the service is every bit as refined as you would anticipate it to be. Strongly suggested as an option.

Prices: Estimate $399-$705

3. Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs Hotel

At The Rowan, a contemporary hotel that first opened its doors in 2017, you’ll be right in the thick of everything. Since it is situated on a prominent corner in the heart of the city, you will not have to travel far to reach the finest establishments for dining, drinking, and shopping. You won’t dislike the water misters that keep things cool in the desert sun, and an adjacent bar caps it all off with summer party music and lots of seats for lounging around. Many people said this place is one of the best hotels in Palm Springs.

The views from their rooftop pool of the nearby mountains are unbeatable, and you won’t hate the water misters, either. Make sure you don’t miss their daily happy hour in the lobby, during which they serve free beer and wine. After that, head on up to their rooftop restaurant 4 Saints for some modern American cuisine and breathtaking 270-degree views of the city and the San Jacinto Mountains.

Pet parents will be overjoyed to learn that their four-legged children are not only welcome at The Rowan, but will also be greeted with open arms and provided with water bowls that are always full.

Prices: Estimate $4336-$744

4. Ace Hotel & Swim Club Hotel

Hip young visitors on their way to the desert can find a lively nightlife scene at the Palm Springs Ace Hotel, which is located in a building that was formerly utilized as a Motel 6. They have everything you might need, from record players and old publications in the rooms to a photo booth and other throwback decorations in the lobby.

During their stay, guests are welcome to utilize fancy robes and decked-out walking sticks, which means that as the day goes on, more and more people seem like members of a hippie cult as they go around with hoods and canes. King’s Highway is a decent restaurant that is a touch costly. This is why some people called this place one of the best hotels in Palm Springs.

The restaurant used to be a 24-hour Denny’s. The customers here are die-hards eager to see and be seen around the pool, out on beach cruiser motorcycles, or at the restaurant. The hotel provides day permits for usage of the pool that cost $20 during the week and $30 on the weekends.

These passes allow anyone who is not staying at the hotel to access the scene, which frequently includes parties and live music. The Ace is almost at the point where it is becoming a caricature of itself; if you want to party all night with trendy 20-somethings, here is the place to be, but the traveler who is more refined (or relaxed) might want to look elsewhere. Except if you wish to recreate the glory days of your youth? Go for it; you only have one life to live.

Prices: Estimate $199-$250

5. Sparrows Lodge Hotel

If you visit Sparrows Lodge, you will be able to experience a genuine “digital detox.” Because there is neither a telephone nor a television in any of the rooms, you will be able to disconnect completely from the outside world. People said this hotel is to be one of the best hotels in Palm Springs.

Come to the poolside, where there is a hot tub and soft lounge chairs for the utmost relaxation once you have had enough of being inside for a while. One of the attractions is a gorgeous communal barn that was renovated from its original building in 1952 and is rumored to have been the location of Elizabeth Montgomery’s wedding in the TV show Bewitched. It is a bar, a restaurant, and a general gathering place all rolled into one!

Prices: Estimate $279-$524

6. Casa Cody Hotel

You can stay at Casa Cody in downtown Palm Springs, which is only two streets away from the main strip, but you’ll feel like you’re in another universe when you’re there because of the hotel’s secluded atmosphere. Harriet Cody, a cousin of Buffalo Bill, established this lovely and historic hotel in Palm Springs back in the 1920s. It is now the city’s hotel with the longest continuous history of operation.

You won’t have to worry about disturbing anyone else here because this area is shielded by substantial hedges and gates. The hotel is filled to the brim with different kinds of citrus trees, and each room is tastefully decorated in a Southwestern style and outfitted with modern conveniences. With this place, you can believe that this place is one of the best hotels in Palm Springs.

The hotel provides guests with a complimentary light breakfast each morning that consists of goods such as croissants, bagels, and gourmet granola. In the evening, the hotel serves tea by the pool.

Prices: Estimate $375-$800

7. Margaritaville Resort Palm Springs Hotel

Cheers to all you Parrot Heads! The Margaritaville Resort Palm Springs is situated on 16 acres of land and is only a few miles away from the central business district. Because of its size, the hotel can host huge gatherings, such as weddings, without appearing crowded, and it makes the most of its expansive area by providing not one, but two swimming pools for its guests to enjoy. With this accommodation, you can believe that this place is one of the best hotels in Palm Springs.

The hotel’s lobby is home to both their iconic “blown-out flip-flop” sculpture, which takes the form of an enormous sculpture, and their signature chandelier, which is formed from margarita glasses.

A peppy playlist is played throughout the property, and mercifully (for the sake of diversity), it includes a mix of hit songs that aren’t only performed by Buffett. The resort is welcoming to pets (they even have specific spaces designed for pets to relieve themselves), while humans can keep themselves occupied at the on-site restaurant, fitness center, spa, and fire pits (there’s even a shop that offers branded items for die-hard fans).

However, the likelihood is that you will spend most of your time at the hotel lounging by the pool adjacent to the 5 o’Clock Somewhere Bar, sipping frozen daiquiris and yes, margaritas as well.

Prices: Estimate $205-$733

8. The Saguaro Palm Springs Hotel

Despite appearances, the Saguaro is not quite as corny as it seems. It would sound like a designer’s worst nightmare to have a bright, color-blocked facade, blue bedrooms with lime furniture, and purple carpeting, yet this property manages to pull it off in an impressive way.

The hotel is enormous, yet it offers a wide variety of services, the personnel is helpful, and the spa and pool are quite pleasant (though they do blare poolside music rather loudly).

Even though the meal isn’t anything special, there are plenty of other Palm Springs restaurants in the area that will more than satisfy your cravings. You may get the impression that you’re in Jersey Shore if you come here on the weekend when there are tons of bachelorette parties and drunken guys, but the layout of the venue makes it easy to avoid people you’d rather not see or, more generally, hear.

Prices: Estimate $144-$360

9. Colony Palms Hotel

The journey out to Palm Springs never fails to lull us into dreamy, carefree oblivion, and this secluded place contributes much to the glamorous allure of the city. The hotel has seen significant transformations throughout its nearly 90-year history since it was first constructed in the 1930s by gangster Al Wertheimer (the pantry formerly featured a hidden door that led to a brothel).

The rooms are now elegant without being over the top, and the thick vegetation will make you feel as though you are hidden away in a rustic Spanish hacienda, even though the main drag of the town is only a block away.

After a day of sunbathing in your bikini and lazing by the tree-shaded pool, head downstairs to the speakeasy-style restaurant named Purple Palm for a sophisticated meal. The pool area gets rowdy on the weekends, but things never get out of hand. Many people are confident that you will enjoy it here.

Prices: Estimate $800-$2,000

10. Avalon Palm Springs Hotel

The journey out to Palm Springs never fails to lull us into dreamy, carefree oblivion, and this cozy place contributes much to the glamorous attractiveness of the city. The hotel has seen significant transformations throughout its nearly 90-year history since it was first constructed in the 1930s by gangster Al Wertheimer (the pantry formerly featured a hidden door that led to a brothel).

Even though the town’s main street is only a block away, the rooms have been updated to be sumptuous without being over the top, and the thick vegetation will give you the impression that you are hidden away in a rural Spanish hacienda. With this accommodation, you can believe that this place is one of the best hotels in Palm Springs.

After a day of sunbathing in your bikini and lazing by the tree-shaded pool, head downstairs to the speakeasy-style restaurant named Purple Palm for a sophisticated meal. The pool area gets rowdy on the weekends, but things never get out of hand. Many people are confident that you will enjoy it here.

Prices: Estimate $342-$835

11. L’Horizon Hotel

When you first arrive at L’Horizon, the calm and tranquil atmosphere will be one of the first things that strike you. The resort promotes itself as Palm Springs’ only premium boutique hotel, boasting 25 individually decorated bungalows and a luxurious open-air spa as some of its distinguishing features. And you have no choice but to trust them.

Each room is flooded with natural light because of the floor-to-ceiling windows, which also feature private outdoor showers and copper-hooded fireplaces for added coziness. The design is impeccable. Steve Hermann, an acclaimed designer based in Hollywood, has been in charge of the project, which explains why it exudes a feeling that is somewhere between that of a CEO and a desert Maharaja.

A further feature not to be missed is the infinity pool, which provides unimpeded views of the San Jacinto Mountains as well as the expansive blue sky of California. This is why many people said this place is to be one of the best hotels in Palm Springs.

Prices: Estimate $600-$2,000

12. Hotel California

It’s nice to have somewhere to stay that doesn’t have a lot of extra bells and whistles, and Hotel California does a good job of providing that for its guests. It may be lacking in upscale conveniences, but it more than makes up for it with its cozy, unassuming allure.

Don’t feel like dining out? There is a full kitchen available for guests to use, complete with all of the necessary appliances to make their date shakes or prepare an omelet in the morning. This is why many guests said to their minds this place is to be one of the best hotels in Palm Springs.

Foot traffic through the beautiful courtyard, which is flanked by towering banana palm trees and serenaded by a gurgling fountain, is modest because there are just 14 rooms (plus a two-story townhouse with a private balcony). The same goes for the guest lounge, which provides complimentary coffee and seasonal fruit throughout the day.

Prices: Estimate $276-$400

13. The Parker Palm Springs Hotel

It should not come as a surprise that the idea of luxury in Palm Springs is as vivid and outlandish as anything that may be found in a narrative by Lewis Carroll. It’s crazy, for sure, but there’s no denying it’s an awesome factor.

The 13-acre Eden, which was built by Jonathan Adler, is a bit of an indulgence to stay at, but once you’re here, there’s little reason to go anywhere else. Begin your day with a refreshing beverage from the Lemonade Stand, and then take a stroll through the grounds, which have been immaculately maintained.

Relax in one of the hammocks that have been hung from a palm tree, or get a little toasty by one of the fire pits. After you’ve regained your composure, make a reservation at the hotel’s clay tennis courts, petanque, or croquet facilities, and then take a refreshing plunge in one of the hotel’s saline pools to finish off your day.

Dinner at Mister Parker’s supper club, which bills itself as a gathering spot for “fops, flaneurs, and miscellaneous other pals,” will be the perfect way to round off your day. You probably already have some idea of how much fun it is. This is why many people said this place is to be one of the best hotels in Palm Springs.

Prices: Estimate $200-$500

13. The Ritz-Carlton, Rancho Mirage Hotel

This Ritz outpost may be found in Rancho Mirage, which is roughly 14 kilometers (about 9 miles) southeast of Palm Springs, California. The hotel’s suites come complete with amenities such as balconies, stone bathrooms with rainfall showerheads and separate soaking tubs, mattresses dressed in sheets with a thread count of 400, and Nespresso coffee makers.

However, due to the extensive amenities offered at the resort, guests won’t want to spend all of their time inside their suites. The facility features several swimming pools as well as a spa that offers opulent treatments. This is why many people said this place is to be one of the best hotels in Palm Springs.

In addition, there are numerous options to get some exercise thanks to the on-site fitness center as well as the neighboring hiking trails. If you’re hungry, stop by the Air Pool Bar for some laid-back fare, or head to The Edge Steakhouse or the State Fare Bar & Kitchen for a meal that’s a cut above. Both of these establishments offer premium dining options.

Recent visitors to the hotel have praised its stunning location, but they have also commented on the prohibitively expensive costs of everything from the meals served at the hotel’s restaurants to the required service of valet parking.

It is important to keep in mind that due to its ties to Marriott, the Ritz-Carlton, Rancho Mirage offers Marriott Bonvoy members the opportunity to earn rewards or use points to cover the cost of their stays at the resort. Many guests enjoy staying here in one of the best hotels in Palm Springs.

Prices: Estimate $770-$1,670

14. Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort & Spa

The Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort & Spa is a relaxing destination for families that can be found in Indian Wells, California, which is located to the southeast of Palm Springs and approximately 124 miles east of Los Angeles. The hotel features seven different swimming pools in addition to the brand-new waterslides that will open in early 2020. In addition, guests have access to a variety of recreational opportunities, such as walking, tennis, and biking.


Parents can relax at the Agua Serena Spa or put their golfing skills to the test at one of the hotel’s two golf courses while their children are having fun meeting new friends at the Camp Hyatt kids program. In the meanwhile, guests will find that the resort’s dining options satisfy a wide range of preferences.

The Roadrunner Cafe is the place to go if you’re looking for burgers and wraps, while Agave Sunset specializes in the cuisine of southern California. And you’ll be amazed that this place is said to be one of the best hotels in Palm Springs

Recent guests were happy with the balconies, free high-speed internet access, and marble bathrooms, even though a daily resort fee of $40 is charged. In addition, the resort offers free parking. This hotel is a part of the Hyatt hotel family, and as such, it participates in the reward program offered by the Hyatt brand.

Prices: Estimate $440-$978

15. La Quinta Resort & Club

Since its founding in the 1920s, the La Quinta Resort and Club has served as a desert retreat for the affluent residents of Hollywood, with the Santa Rosa Mountains serving as a backdrop for the property. Greta Garbo and Clark Gable were two of the famous actors who made their way to the resort’s whitewashed casitas when they needed a break from the bright lights of Los Angeles. And is why this place many people said one of the best hotels in Palm Springs

Most recently, the enormous property served as the location for the filming of Season 16 of “The Bachelorette” on ABC. The guest rooms have aspects of design that are calming, leather furnishings, and fireplaces to create an atmosphere that is luxurious while still maintaining a relaxing vibe (in most rooms).

In addition, the resort’s amenities will provide guests with all they require for a vacation that is either peaceful or exciting. Even though summertime temperatures in the Coachella Valley can reach the triple digits, La Quinta has 41 outdoor swimming pools for guests to choose from to keep them cool and comfortable.

Make use of this resort’s five golf courses or the on-site tennis center, which comes complete with 21 courts and private coaching, if the temperature isn’t too high. Recent guests were quite complimentary of La Quinta’s on-site dining options, particularly the authentic Mexican cuisine served at Adobe Grill. Before you ever set foot on resort property, be sure you’re physically ready for a lot of walking.

The grounds at La Quinta have been meticulously maintained and seem very nice, although traversing the entire compound requires some effort. Additionally, make sure you are aware of the daily resort fee that is charged to all of the guests.

Prices: Estimate $535-$998

16. JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa

You wouldn’t have any idea that you were in the middle of a desert at this magnificent resort if you tried. This place deserves to be one of the best hotels in palm springs. The hotel is surrounded by lakes, swimming pools, and lush golf courses. At the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa in Palm Desert, California, guests have access to nine different dining options, including a Starbucks, a Japanese restaurant, and seven more.

You won’t have to keep looking to the horizon in the hopes that an oasis will appear there. The two golf courses, each with 18 holes, as well as the tennis courts are popular activities for guests to participate in.

best hotels in palm springs

In addition, there are various pools, a whirlpool, and a spa available for guests to enjoy throughout their stay at the resort. Although the hues of blue, brown, and gray found in the decor of the guest rooms take their cues from the surrounding desert, individuals who choose to make this their home away from home are not exactly living in the wilderness.

Each room features a balcony, windows that go from floor to ceiling, marble bathrooms, and flat-screen televisions. Even though this sanctuary is pricey, particularly when additional resort fees are taken into account, frequent guests of the JW Marriott are happy to shell out the cash for the pleasures they so greatly appreciate (and perhaps save some with their Marriott Bonvoy points).

Prices: Estimate $509-$999

17. Agua Caliente Resort Casino Spa Rancho Mirage

The Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa is located about 10 miles east of Palm Springs, California, off of Interstate 10, and it provides guests with low-key, comfortable rooms in addition to a fast-paced, fun-loving ambiance.

The name of this establishment gives away the fact that it features a dazzling casino that offers both table games and slot machines. However, those who have a sensitivity to cigarette smoke are cautioned against spending an excessive amount of time at this establishment.

best hotels in palm springs

Recent visitors have said that the rooms are both roomy and up-to-date, making them an ideal place to relax after a long day at the casino. The accommodations have enormous soaking tubs, flat-screen televisions, and high-speed internet access.

Visitors have a high level of satisfaction with the many restaurants in the Agua Caliente Casino Resort, particularly with the top cuts of meat that are provided in The Steakhouse. In addition, rowdier guests have praised the on-site performance venue as well as the boisterous pool area, which received two thumbs up and will be the best hotels in Palm Springs in your mind.

Prices: Estimate $289-$439

18. The Westin Desert Willow Villas, Palm Desert

The Westin Desert Willow Villas, Palm Desert can be found over 200 kilometers (about 120 miles) east of Los Angeles, in the heart of the dry Coachella Valley. Each of the one- or two-bedroom guest villas at this Westin offers a flat-screen television, a private balcony, a kitchenette, a dining area, and complimentary high-speed internet access. With this accommodation, you can believe that this place is one of the best hotels in Palm Springs.

Additionally, the villas are equipped with a kitchenette. When the heat becomes too much to bear, guests can take refuge in the refreshing waters of the outdoor pool and waterslide.

best hotels in palm springs

When you start to get hungry while lounging by the pool, you can visit the Agave Grill & Bar, which is a restaurant. There are also grilling spaces located nearby. Parents who are wanting to get some much-needed rest and relaxation can leave their children at the Westin Kids Club while they work up a sweat in the hotel’s fitness center or play a round of golf at the Desert Willow Golf Resort, which is located right next door.

In addition, since The Westin Desert Willows Villas is a member of the Marriott hotel family, Marriott Bonvoy members have the opportunity to both earn and redeem points while staying here. Also, many guests said this place is one of the best hotels in Palm Springs.

Prices: Estimate $222-$389

19. Hotel Paseo, Autograph Collection by Marriott

Past guests say you can’t go wrong with a stay at the Hotel Paseo – Some of the best hotels in Palm Springs, Autograph Collection if you’re looking for a trendy, brand-backed boutique hotel in Palm Desert, California. This Marriott outpost, located about 15 miles southeast of Palm Springs, impresses visitors with its midcentury modern decor and a central location near El Paseo, also known as “The Rodeo Drive of the Desert.” Hotel Paseo, which opened in March 2018, has an outdoor heated pool, a spa, a fitness center, and an on-site art gallery.

Recent visitors particularly enjoyed the cornhole set, putting green, and other games located adjacent to the pool. After you’ve worked up an appetite, stop by AC3 Restaurant + Bar, which serves inventive cocktails and delectable New American cuisine. The rooms are decorated in a neutral color scheme and include minifridges, complimentary Wi-Fi, smart TVs, and walk-in showers. This is why many people said this place is to be one of the best hotels in Palm Springs.

Some accommodations also include balconies or terraces. Consider renting the restored 1950 Airstream trailer, which sits poolside and includes one queen bed, a minifridge, and air conditioning, among other amenities. Keep in mind that, even though this hotel has many perks and amenities, there is a nightly resort fee. Marriott Bonvoy members can cash in or apply points for stays here.

Prices: Estimate $254-$449

There are numerous possibilities available to you if you want to stay in a hotel with five stars or higher. These 10 best hotels in Palm Springs have extravagant features in favor of a streamlined and contemporary appearance. This entire event has a theme, and that theme is “beautiful and award-winning.” in Palm Springs.



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