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Top 8 Pizza Restaurants In Hyannys Ma 2022

There are 8 pizza resraurant in Hyannis, MA. It is also one of the most ordered dishes in Hyannis. The pizza industry has been growing rapidly over the past few years and it is expected to continue to grow in the future.

There are many different types of pizzas that you can order from a restaurant, but there are some that are more popular than others. One of these pizzas is pepperoni pizza, which has been ranked as America’s favorite type of pizza for many years now. And this blog will introduce you to pizza restaurants in Hyannis MA, which are popular because of their delicious pizza.

1. Pizza Barbone

When come to this place salads were many first courses, and they were some of the best. Many customers chose the special chopped salad, but many customers also tried the mixed greens and the caesar. They were called “amazing,” “delicious,” and other things. Although salads might be expensive, not a single piece of lettuce that got away was brought back to the kitchen.

Next, the pizzas, many ones had some fantastic pies. These were rather tasty. Delicious dough and crust, fresh ingredients, and homemade-tasting sauce were all present. Cannoli and large chocolate chip cookies were served as desserts. Many customers only sampled the cannoli, which was excellent. Despite claims that it was overly sweet, it appears that most people liked the cookie.

Something on their specialties menu, many people believe was crostini with whipped ricotta, a vegetable of some kind sundried tomatoes, and possibly olives called. Many customers decided to start with their roasted cauliflower, which was accompanied by breadcrumbs, ricotta Salata, golden raisins, and pickled red onions.

The truffle fries, a special that evening, were ordered by many others. This was the greatest mound of fries Many customers have ever had from a restaurant, they would like to proclaim. It practically filled the entire platter. The fries had a perfect crunch and seasoning. Due to portion size, of course, many ate too many of them to be able to eat any pizza.

Many customers adore this place. examining after six or seven visits. The larger area is bright and inviting. The pizza is fantastic! The key lies in the crust. Crisp yet also plush, with several excellent toppings. Favorites include Bianca, meatballs, potato, and pepperoni hot honey. The wine selection is modest yet adequate for a pizzeria. All three salads—beet, chopped, and romaine—are excellent.

Meals like Brussels sprouts and cauliflower are excellent. It’s so good that many customers keep returning! Every time, the service has been excellent, making for a wonderful overall experience.

The pizza has the greatest crust many peoples tasted in a while and is both distinctive and delicious. They had a hot honey pepperoni pie, and Many customers were eager to sample it. It was sour, salty, mildly spicy, and altogether completely different.

Prices: Estimate $20-$50 for a meal


2. Palio Pizzeria

If you ever need a recommendation for a top-notch pizzeria. The best location to get fantastic thin-crust pizza is Palio’s on Main Street in Hyannis. They also provide slices.

Many customers adore the flavorful, fresh ingredients and the amazing crust. being a native of the metropolitan area of New York City. This pizzeria boasts comparable, if not superior, flavor to any pizzeria in New York City. The slices are enormous. The best thin-crust pizza they have ever had on Cape Cod is made by Palio’s if you like it.

On every trip to the Cape, their family has been placing orders from this fantastic eatery. Their food is always delicious, delivered promptly, and without a problem thanks to the kind employees.

The location is on a pretty busy street, but parking is not an issue. If you are picking up, you can locate a temporary space to run into to collect your takeout. Try these out. Many customers think you’ll agree with many that they’re the definition of pizza perfection!

One of their all-time favorite pizza places is this one. A wonderful sauce that isn’t overly sugary. The cheese is quite fresh. The dough was made from scratch. They split a pizza with bacon and cheese. The meatballs that they had as a side dish were also excellent.

This restaurant is amazing, and the service is excellent. The ingredients are extremely fresh, and it shows in the flavor. Their family and many customers shared a Margherita pie and a Greek salad, which they adored. It was so wonderful that many customers went back for lunch the next day and ordered the pesto panini. It featured some of the greatest bread and cheese many customers had ever eaten in a panini.

They spend a week near this location once a year, and many customers must say that their pizza is excellent. Many peoples normally get pizza with an appetizer of fresh mozzarella, red-fried peppers, greek olives, provolone cheese, prosciutto, salami, and cucumbers. Their pork balls, which come in three large portions with plenty of sauce and cheese, are also delicious. Many customers dined here five times and have never been disappointed. The service is pleasant, and they serve wine and beer. Right next door is a bowling alley/game area.

Many others ordered the Quattro Fungi (mushroom) pizza, the pepperoni pizza, and the Cape Codder (clams, shrimp, lemon, and white sauce) pizza. All of the pizza crusts were wonderful. The Quattro Fungi and the Pepperoni Pizza were their favorites. If you want a real old-fashioned greasy pizza, order the pepperoni. The clam pizza was tasty, but the lemon made it too acidic for them.

They decided on house-made sodas as refreshments. The Root Beer and Raspberry Lime Rickey were their choices. The Root Beer was tasty, but the Raspberry Lime Rickey was very sweet.

Great cuisine, great service, and a fantastic street view. What more could one want? They tried this restaurant with two exhausted children, and they did not disappoint. They had the artichoke, roasted pepper, and garlic pizza, and the kids ordered pesto spaghetti. Both dishes were delicious. They also tried the red sangria, which was delicious on a hot September evening. Recommend this place.

The best pizza on the Cape! Although Many customers had several others in the past, many customers ordered the sausage and mushroom and the Pollo chicken. The ingredients are so fresh, the sausage and meatballs are homemade, many customers love the sandwiches (chicken parm is their favorite), and the arugula salad is to die for. The delivery was speedy, and the patio bench is a fantastic location to rest and relax in the summer.

The ambiance and pizza were both fantastic! Their appetizer arrived swiftly, and they sipped on a very reasonably priced bottle of wine as they waited for their pizza. The pizza was wonderful, and the overall experience was above average. Many customers would strongly suggest this location.

Prices: Estimate $25-$45 for a meal


3. Jack’s Pizza Hyannis

If there existed a “Cape Cod Style” pizza, Jack’s would be a highlight. If that were the case, famous food “presenters,” such as Guy Fieri, Adam Richman, the Sterns, and others, would highlight Jack’s because the pizza is the bar pizza of your dreams. Many customers have been in Hyannis for a long time and wish they had heard about Jack’s sooner.

The pizza itself features a light, crispy, slightly burnt crust that some would complain about, but others will pay a high price for at a phony “genuine” woodfired pizza ristorante (those places are never called pizzerias). The toppings are all fresh, and although the cheese is on the heavy side, it’s a good thing because it’s in proportion to the sauce, and congratulations to Jack for not sugaring up the sauce.

The bar portion of Jack’s Lounge is a bar, and there are people drinking beer and other beverages, which adds to the atmosphere. Complain about the slower “service” because there is just one waiter, but be grateful for the delicious pizza and the simple, unaltered atmosphere.

Wherever you reside, how sad is it that the restaurant you’ve been going to for twenty years or the pub you’ve been going to for years didn’t survive the pandemic? There’s a reason Jack did, and it’s not because the proprietors are particularly wealthy.

After a second piece, many customers were confident that this was the best pizza flavor Many customers ever had. Who knew honey on pizza could be so delicious? It’s practically worth a trip to Cape Cod just to try it. Many customers are also the first person to visit this location, so if you’re not from the Cape, chances are you won’t know where to find it. Many customers admire that it has mostly remained a locals’ hangout since places like this have some truly amazing treasures.

People in their house devoured the honey pizza faster than you could say house! This seemed to be an addiction since the slices flew out of the box like they were possessed.

This combination is fantastic. Maybe they’re working on some type of wizardry behind the scenes since it’s that fantastic. Many customers are not sure what the recipes are; all Many customers know is that they ordered one small ordinary pizza and one large honey pizza. She said she’d purchase two large honey pizzas the next time because she wasn’t sure whether Many customers liked them. Many customers, on the other hand, adored it as if Many customers were one of her sisters and also local.

Local spot for hearty, comfortable dishes. The specials are delicious and usually serve two people. It’s a no-frills environment with low prices and largely return customers. The pizzas are huge, and the pasta and Mexican dishes are likewise generous.

Soups and supper specials change every day, so get there early to avoid disappointment. Excellent food, reasonable rates, and a pleasant atmosphere. When it’s on the menu, you must try the lobster Mac & cheese; it’s the greatest!

Prices: Estimate $7-$25 for a meal


4. Aegean Pizza

Many customers adore this location! They serve the most delicious Greek salad. You’re probably thinking…the what’s big deal?  They serve it with the softest, freshest pita bread and just the right amount of homemade dressing. Many customers recommend adding their marinated chicken to take your dish to the next level. Many customers were quite sure they marinate it in magic.

Their pizza is also delectably delicious. In Hyannis, there are plenty of excellent pizza options. The crust is what Many customers like best about theirs. Crunchy and buttery, with a plethora of toppings. It’s Greek-style and freshly produced.

Because of its poor location, it is somewhat unknown, yet this is by far the best pizza place on the Cape, right from the mouth of a native, born and raised on the island. It takes longer to prepare than Domino’s and costs twice as much, but they don’t skimp on the toppings and everything is as fresh and tasty as you could ask for! Naturally, the Greek pizza is wonderful since it has its special sausage, as well as lovely white onions, black olives, and feta pieces! Make room in your stomach for handmade baklava.

The pizza that many peoples got was delicious. It was hot and delicious, greatly above my expectations. They only ordered a small pie with half an onion and two beers. The whole price was only $12, which is a steal in any tourist region.

They ordered a meatball and onion pizza, as well as an Aegean bomb (steak bomb with sausage). The pizza had a thin crust and a plethora of toppings and cheese. The onions were thinly cut and fried. The pizza was cooked well yet not overcooked. Lots of cheese with a hint of browning. This was an outstanding pizza. The sub was done well with minimum grease. The sausage added a delicious twist to the taste. The peppers and onions were beautifully cooked, and the bread was fresh.

So, after reviewing the ratings and reviews of various Hyannis Pizza establishments, many customers determined that terrific pizza with no personality was the way to go. Tonight they dined in at the Aegean. The pizza was cooked wonderfully and had just the appropriate amount of toppings. They ordered a huge pizza with half sausage, half pepperoni, and a gyro. The gyro was fantastic, especially with the warm, soft, thick pita bread and a large dollop of tzatziki. The pizza can be very delicious.

The owner waited patiently while they studied the menu, answered the phone and prepared food, and could be asked them what he could get them…interrupting what he was doing to write their order down and telling the customers to wait 20 minutes. One thing many customers appreciated was how he trusted them and made them feel at comfort.

The best salads and subs in town. The staff of this restaurant is extremely pleasant and efficient. You get your food swiftly and there is a great assortment of dishes on the menu. A lot of people had to say excellent work when coming to this place. You will experience some amazing steak and cheese sub. Huge portions at a reasonable price. You can try to have a BLT, which can be equally delicious. The bread is both delightfully soft and perfectly crispy.

Many customers eat takeout here 1-2 times each week. The pizza is tasty; it’s your standard Greek-style pizza. Their BLT is delicious, with plenty of bacon. The grilled chicken salad is extremely wonderful, as is the creamy Italian dressing.

Prices: Estimate $10-$25 for a meal


5. Tap City Grille

This place has excellent bar pizza! Of course, there is the standard pub fare such as burgers, chicken, and chips. When it became unseasonably cold outside, the wait staff went out of their way to seat us inside. They were fantastic. They will surely return! Excellent draft beer variety. The Bang Bang Shrimp app was fantastic. The fish tacos were delicious, as was the Caesar salad. The hostess and server were both nice and efficient, which makes for outstanding service.

On tap, they have a great range of craft beers. They had a kind server who delivered us their drinks swiftly while still making time for a few jokes and light talk. The space was COVID-safe, with individuals kept at a safe distance and plexiglass all around.

Many customers ordered the salmon with carving salad and asked for it to be cooked as lightly as the chef felt comfortable. He did an excellent job. Others ordered the steak fries and declared it to be the nicest steak they’d had in a long time.

Their waiter will be amazing. Super attentive and perceptive. The meal and beverages will be incredible. Many customers wholeheartedly recommend their lobster roll! The “Shark water” was also banging! The wings were fusion wings with buffalo and Asian spices, and they were delicious! Their boyfriend ate practically all of the clam chowder! Many customers will return!

Excellent service and delicious food! The beet salad and honey-roasted chicken pizza were both delicious! The espresso martini and blackberry lemonade were great! The lighting and music added to the ambiance.

This location was fantastic! There is plenty of seating both indoors and outside. The dinner was amazing and the service was excellent! The Honey Roasted Chicken Pizza was wonderful! Many customers also ordered the spiked strawberry lemonade, which was delicious!

Many customers were extremely pleased with their decision to stop there because the waiter was very pleasant and efficient. Everything was professionally built and arrived on schedule with little delay. It’s a must-try! Excellent service. Excellent cuisine. See the attached photos. A particular thanks to Olympia, who was outstanding. It’s refreshing to find waitstaff who enjoy their jobs. It comes highly recommended.

A fantastic addition to the selections on Main Street. Many customers adore the interior, especially during the holidays. They do an excellent job with the holiday lights and decorations. Their server was excellent. Sweet, attentive, and full of helpful advice. The cucumber martini is one of the greatest drinks Many customers ever had! Because it was so wonderful, Many customers didn’t even feel the urge to sample other drinks.

Many of the appetizer selections piqued their interest, but they were all hungry and decided on meals instead. The short-rib alfredo was fantastic. Creamy with a delicious mushroom flavor and delicate short rib chunks. Every bite was delicious! Many customers order it again.

Excellent pizza and beverages. Excellent environment and music. Many customers need to go to the cape, and Many customers are back. Tap City Grille provided an excellent dining experience for them. The food was delicious. They had a four-person table and ordered Peach Bourbon wings, Mango Habanero wings, a Lobster Roll, and Crispy Brussels Sprouts with the Brussel Sprout Caesar salad. It was incredibly busy, but the service communicated well and produced excellent meals. Thank you to Chef Rob and his crew.

Prices: Estimate $20-$30 for a meal


6. Pinocchio Pizza & More

Many customers remember coming here as a kid and craving their pizza! Their grandfather lived down the street from this pizza restaurant, and their mother would stop by on her way to deliver us Pinocchio’s pizza. It did not let them down! It’s still as good as it was twenty years ago.

A fantastic and quick meal from this terrific old-school pizza joint. Many customers took the order right away and completed it flawlessly. They promised to return right away. They got a sausage and onion that was so delicious that there is nothing to complain about. It’s created with a medium crust and exactly the right toppings.

Their family and many customers came here last night after passing about 15 pizza establishments. Many customers can’t comment on the pizza because they didn’t get any, but Many peoples watched them cooking it behind the counter and it looked delicious. Their wife and many customers had the Chicken Gyro, which was delicious. It was a little heavy on the onions, but that didn’t stop them from devouring it in minutes.

Their kids split the Chicken Broccoli Alfredo and based on the fact that there was nothing left after many customers had some, it was cooked to perfection. Aside from that, the service was excellent. They ate there, and there must have been approximately 30 people coming in and out during their stay, leading them to believe that they aren’t the only ones who appreciate Pinocchio’s. They will return if they are in the region.

Excellent pizza with a crispy, just-right crust. Good menu diversity, including calzones, subs, salads, and, of course, lasagna and fantastic ziti alfredo. Many repeat customers and friendly personnel who become friends. It’s their Cheers! Five out of five!

This place is always outstanding. Pizza with pepperoni and linguine is delicious. Subs, spaghetti, and salads are also delicious. Nice little hole in the wall that consistently delivers. On Cape Cod, their favorite pizza. Their sandwiches are typical of a Boston neighborhood sub-store. They are baked from scratch, the bread is delicious, and the ingredients are top-notch. They provide good service and are pleasant to deal with.

They were greeted as they arrived! The lady was pleasant and patient. The pizza was delicious! It’s worthwhile to visit here! In comparison to most other establishments, this place has remarkably delicious pizza. The toppings on their large sausage and bacon pizza tasted fresh.

Prices: Estimate $11-$30 for a meal


7. Regina Pizzeria

Regina’s Pizza, which originated in Boston’s North End, is a hidden gem. It’s a true hidden gem because it’s in Cape Cod’s best establishment—their Mall! The key to Regina’s is to forego the pizza by the slice in favor of an entire pie. Fresh from the brick oven, the crust is crispy on the exterior but incredibly fluffy on the inside. As you know, their rule of thumb is to judge a pizza restaurant by its cheese pizza.

Regina’s cheese pizza is fantastic, in addition to being roughly $5 less than all other pizzas at $ 14 and change. Fantastic. You won’t be disappointed if you order it hot and fresh from the oven. They give you as many plates as you need and you’ll be seated in the center of the mall food court, but oddly enough, that’s part of Regina’s charm. This is a must-visit pizza joint on the Cape, and it may even serve the best pizza in town!

They have better dough, sauce, cheese, and toppings than everyone else, thus it’s unfair, right? If anyone wants to challenge Regina, please let them know; Many customers love to know who thinks the Cape has the best pizza.

Yesterday, many customers ordered a mushroom, onion, and pepper pizza and requested a pepperoni slice to go with it. That slice was so good it transported them back to Revere Beach 50 years ago. The pizza was also delicious. When Many customers got home, it was piled high with fresh toppings and was rapidly consumed. Excellent pizza will be served!

This is without a doubt the best pizza Many customers had in years! Many customers would drive 9 hours simply to have another slice of excellent pizza! Please to Ontario, Canada, and Many customers will be the first in line to purchase a franchise! Many customers adore it!

Regina’s is the mall to go to if you’re looking for a fantastic food court. It’s been here for a while now, and it’s always been their go-to spot. Many customers would always get two slices, generally one cheese and one pepperoni, whenever Many customers visited. The pizza is excellent, especially for a chain. Many customers can see this establishment remaining for many years to come because the food is so fantastic.

Hands down the best pizza on the Cape is dependable, and you can always count on a decent slice. When no one feels like cooking, they turn to this. Their favorite is the cheese, but all of their toppings are excellent. The bottom crust was crispy, but the top was soft. Many customers ordered the cheese pizza and it was delicious.

Prices: Estimate $12-$35 for a meal


8. Craigville Pizza & Mexican

When you go in, you are transported back to the 1970s. This is a spot for the locals, especially the teens/tweens/college graduates/local drunks. The menu looked fantastic, and it was difficult to pick what to have. Greg and Many customers waited around 20 minutes after ordering a buff chicken calzone and a small cheese pizza. They went for a walk and sat at the Pacman game, which had most likely not been played since the 1970s. It was a terrific position for people watching and attempting to determine everyone’s age. They were probably the only summer visitors and not full-time residents.

The very thin crust, the “bubbles,” and the exact amount of sauce and cheese mix made it one of the top five pizzas Many customers ever tasted. Many customers are sure the rest of their menu is excellent, and Many customers can’t wait to return and taste more. They deliver to their Osterville home, so they’ll surely do it next time!! Many customers loved the authentic, old-school vibe… and that they serve Mexican and pizza!

Throughout the 40+ years Many customers have been coming here, and the food and service have been consistently superb. After a lengthy absence, Many customers returned to Hyannis for dinner and were pleasantly pleased with a gorgeous huge salad with absolutely tasty grilled chicken. Many customers always looked forward to stopping by after a long day at the beach for some wonderful pizza.

They ordered the thin-crust Popeyes Pizza and took it out to the beach for a romantic sunset supper. Tessa was wonderful on the phone, the service was excellent, and the pizza was delicious! This is something Many customers will do again. There is a reason they are still in business after all these years. Many customers suggest it.

The tacos are delicious. The pizzas are delicious. They make delectable garlic chicken wings. The atmosphere is relaxed. They serve takeout. Many customers recommend these for a night out in a tee and jeans.

Your life will be amazed by the chicken fajitas. This restaurant has never disappointed them. You’re all guaranteed to find something you like and have a good time in the relaxed atmosphere. Cape Cod’s best service. Everyone that works there is amusing and pleasant, and they make sure your pizza arrives on time and with all of the toppings you want. Seriously, you two. You must pay a visit.

Prices: Estimate $20-$40 for a meal

The 8 pizza restaurants in Hyannis are truly fantastic places for a delicious supper. Come and try these places are particularly unique because they not only serve delicious piazza but also foster a laid-back yet vibrant ambiance throughout the day and well into the evening. The criteria used to select those eateries as the top ones in Hyannis included their unique menu options, customer reviews, use of fresh ingredients, and personal experiences.

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