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Cape Cod’s Top Places to Watch a Romantic Sunset

Planning a romantic trip to Cape Cod? While there are many romantic activities in Cape Cod, one of the more popular things to do is watch a beautiful sunset with your loved one. With vibrant hues that illuminate the early evening sky, while the shorelines catch the last of the glowing rays of the sun, sunsets at Cape Cod are not to be missed! To find the perfect spot, we have compiled a list of the best places to watch a sunset on the beaches of Cape Cod during your stay at Hyannis Holiday Motel.

  1. Skaket Beach – With sandy beaches that stretch for miles, sunsets at Skaket Beach are legendary! Watch as the sun dips into Cape Cod Bay with ribbons of color that stretch beyond the horizon.
  2. Herring Cove Beach – With warmer, calmer waters, Herring Cove is quietly tucked away on Cape Cod Bay. With waterfront parking, you can enjoy the sunset from the comfort of your car or head to the beach for a spectacular view. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled as there are often whales, dolphins or seals spotted along the coast.
  3. Rock Harbor – Watching as boats return from a day on the water at Rock Harbor, enjoy the sun dipping behind the horizon for a truly spectacular and unique scene. The sunsets are so picturesque here they are often met with an applause from local onlookers and tourists alike.
  4. Grays Beach – Enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds Gray’s Beach, with viewing opportunities of marine and plant life.  Take a walk along the beach or head out on the long boardwalk, which extends out over a salty marsh towards the beach, providing the best views to watch the sunset.
  5. Paine’s Creek – Due to its easily accessible beach, Paine’s Creek is one of the more popular places to watch the sunset. If you want to adventure out a little further to catch the glow of the sun on the water, then walk out onto the rock jetty for an even more spectacular viewpoint.
  6. Bourne Bridge – Park your car and head out onto Bourne Bridge for unforgettable sunset views with the Cape Cod Canal. And if you don’t want to brave a walk on the bridge take a step back and see the sun set behind the bridge, creating a stunning silhouette that will be unlike any other site you have ever seen.
  7. Nauset Light Beach – Not every picturesque sunset in Cape Cod requires the ocean in the foreground. Head to Nauset Light Beach and catch an early evening sun glow behind Cape Cod’s iconic red and white lighthouse. This truly picture-perfect scene is one that is not to be missed!
  8. Chapin Beach -Head to the north side of town at Chapin Beach for incredible sunset views. Best enjoyed at times of low tide when the beach opens to large tidal flats where you can wade in the shallow waters. Even check out Scargo Tower for an even better view of the city and sunsets over Cape Cod Bay.
  9. The Knob – Located between Quissett Harbor and Buzzards Bay, take the short sandy trail to The Knob. A hidden gem located off the large coastline of Falmouth, where you can enjoy beautiful views of Buzzards Bay as the sun sets just beyond the top rim of boulders that jet out into the water.
  10. Sandy Neck Beach Park – With the large, long pebbled beaches of Sandy Neck, this is the best spot to stretch out and enjoy the sunset. With sandy dunes, green forests, and marshes, the scenery is truly unlike any other in Cape Cod. And after the sun sets, serenade the evening with a fireside chat on the beach.

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