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Top 9 Best Waterfront Restaurants In Hyannis MA 2022

Hyannis is one of the most beautiful places in Massachusetts. It’s a vibrant and diverse city that has a lot to offer. This blog will look at the top 10 waterfront restaurants in Hyannis that you should try.

Massachusetts is famous for its seafood, and Hyannis is home to some of the best seafood in the region. In fact, many of the top seafood companies are located in Hyannis. Because of the high traffic of visitors, there are quite a few amazing restaurants in Hyannis, especially on the waterfront. Here are some of the best restaurants to try while exploring the waterfront in Hyannis.
With so many restaurants in Hyannis to try, you’ll never want to leave. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, be sure to visit these restaurants the next time you’re in town!

With the holiday season coming up, this is a great time to step out and explore all that Hyannis has to offer. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, this list will help you find some great places to eat.

1. Portside Tavern

Portside Tavern is a waterfront restaurant and bar in Hyannis. It has a cool, laid-back vibe with friendly staff and a good beer selection. The food is great, with big portions. The Portside Tavern has a cool, laid-back vibe with friendly staff and a good beer selection. The food is great, with big portions.

Sincerely, many people happened to this location by accident when the restaurant many people were originally headed to was overly crowded. The lobster rolls and fries were excellent. Crispy, cheesy, and delicious cheese pizza. nice assortment of wines. The waitress was really kind and attentive. When they return to the Cape, many will without a doubt come back here!

Since there weren’t many excellent dining alternatives close to their hotel near the airport, many people researched it up, liked what many people saw, and walked there for supper on a weekday. They opted to sit inside even though there was a lovely bonfire outside. It’s family-run and has a wonderful, laid-back atmosphere, which they like.

The place appreciated their chowders, and some people also enjoyed their fried cod sandwiches and their Greek salads. When many people travel, this is the kind of location many people look for because of the delicious food, welcoming atmosphere, and affordable costs. They are happy many people made the long walk to eat here.

You can’t go wrong with Portside Tavern if you’re seeking South Shore Bar pizza. With very fresh ingredients, the pizzas were excellent. utilized premium cheeses and the crust was excellent. The staff was excellent! Pizza with pepperoni, cheese, and buffalo chicken was what many people had. All were top-notch!

Adored this location When many people couldn’t find parking at another location, many people ended up here, and gosh, what a great surprise. Their stroller and toddler were accommodated, and the meal was excellent. They also got two lobster rolls, which everyone agreed were the finest many people had during the entire trip, along with some delicious fries. also a pretty good wine list. They’re glad many people found it, and many people definitely are back the following year!

Prices: Estimate $15-$45 for a meal


2. Tugboats at Hyannis Marina

One of the best places to fully experience Cape Cod. There is plenty of outdoor seating, lovely waterfront views, and all the lobster I could ever want! The drinks were original and reasonably priced.

From the deck, many people could see the sunset. The food was obviously fresh. Their dinners were delicious. Although the dishes are generous, the service was average and the prices were on the high side. several different alcoholic drinks and cocktails. The experience was generally positive. They would return!

A weekend trip to Providence led to an impromptu decision to drive up to Cape Cod. What a fantastic beach restaurant and bar! The service is helpful and the valet is free. Many servers have a lovely appearance.

The docks place is quite cool. From the moment the valet park your car to the point they bring the check, this exquisite establishment provides excellent service.

The medium-rare steak from the surf and turf that they ordered made them very happy. The administration should take note of this criticism because the supper was otherwise fantastic.

The halibut, which was black-seared and delicious, was ordered by others. They were overjoyed. Excellent location, delicious food, and helpful staff. The drink menu had a ton of interesting cocktail options, and every one many people tried was flavorful and potent.

Many would strongly advise making a reservation because the restaurant was really busy on a Wednesday night. Only complimentary valet parking is available at tugboats. They wholeheartedly recommend stopping at Tugboats while exploring Cape Cod because of the broad menus, scrumptious food, delightful cocktails, and breathtaking harbor views!

Prices: Estimate $11-$30 for a meal


3. Spanky’s Clam Shack & Seaside Saloon

Some people were eager for a Hyannis beachfront restaurant with a relaxed environment and good seafood as the day wore on. Thankfully, many people found Spanky’s Clam Shack & Seaside Saloon in Hyannis Port, which is situated just down the waterfront! It offers both indoor and outdoor seats, a huge menu selection, and breathtaking views! When visiting the gorgeous town of Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, many people highly advise going here.

A traditional Cape Cod shore dining spot is Spanky’s. Casual, with plenty of outside dining along the shore. Everything that has been fried is excellent. Afterward, you may walk off some of the extra weight you just put on by visiting the neighboring parks and piers.

Swanky restaurant by the ocean. The servers are excellent, but there is nothing exceptional. The food will arrive quickly. The fish and chips come with a lot of fish. The fish will be delicious and expertly battered. Pleasant water view. Oysters from Wellfleet were delicious and fresh.

Swanky restaurant by the ocean. The servers are excellent, but there is nothing exceptional. The food arrived quickly. The fish and chips come with a lot of fish. The fish was delicious and expertly battered. Pleasant water view. Oysters from Wellfleet were delicious and fresh.

These are large portions. Spanky’s had the best value out of all the lobster rolls many people tasted in Massachusetts since behind that mountain of lobster was a toasted split-top roll. In Mayo, the lobster was not only abundant but also fresh and nicely prepared.

The sampler for friends was outstanding. The soggier, less crispy clams were probably caused by the damp clam guts. But every piece of seafood was incredibly delicious and fall-apart delicate. My favorite was the scallops, which were almost marshmallow-like from how sweet and bouncy they were. Pro-tip: I replaced the baked potato with fries, which were wonderful with lots of sour cream and butter.

A fantastic seafood restaurant in Hyannis, nay, make that one of the greatest! Wonderful, steaming-hot, and delicate clams. Cold perfection with oysters and cherry stones on the half. On a Caesar salad, the bride had the fish. She was smitten. wonderful personnel Clean environment. parking is plentiful. affordably priced.

Many others only consumed half of the lobster garden salad. This is something they could eat all day long! It contains a ton of lobster. Their server was friendly and provided excellent service.

Some people adore that it is so close to the lake. A chilled sampler appetizer of oysters, tiny necks, and shrimp was also served. Although someone is not a huge lover of oysters, these were excellent. The weather was lovely while many people were sitting outside. Many would eat like a pig every day if many people were closer to the seaside!

Prices: Estimate $39-$104 for a meal


4. Dockside

The view from this place is magnificent. This is the spot to go if you want a few cocktails and a nice view. The employees are really polite. extremely friendly. Compared to most of the waterfront locations, it is less overcrowded.

One of the few options for outside dining that many people found was Dockside. It turned out to be a great decision! On the terrace outside, which looked out over a marina, many people were seated promptly. This evening, a beautiful lunar sky provided a lovely view. The Cucumber Martini, The Honey, and the Cape Cod Cosmopolitan were the two “signature Martinis” that many people decided to order (very appropriate for the location). The drinks were properly prepared and sized. They then had the Beaches Chicken Salad for her and the Fish and Chips for them, both of which came with a sizeable side of Caesar salad. All is well. Excellent location, courteous, speedy service, and delicious food!

The food and service were excellent, and on top of that, they allowed them to change their shirt in the restroom after spilling some ketchup on them. That is what they mean by customer service. Many people have been going here for years and they adore this place.

Awe-inspiring scenery and ambiance, delicious cuisine. A kind and attentive personnel. You won’t be let down if you give it a shot. The most delightful meal of the day is a delightful meal of the day.

Some people’s favorite is the lobster sandwich of all time. Additionally, the Overstuffed Lobster Salad Roll was incredible. Even though some people received a half order, nothing about it was half. A foot-long baguette filled with lobster flesh was what emerged. They had had lobster salad sandwiches in the past, and they often have a variety of ingredients like mayo, herbs, etc. It was big chunks of meat, though, and there wasn’t much of the other stuff. It was scrumptious. A few people find it unbelievable that they provide that much meat as a lobster fan.

The atmosphere there is really relaxed. It lacks pretentiousness. You won’t be overrun by tourists because it’s not on the main strip. It also has a sizable parking lot, which is a major bonus. It’s the ideal location for a delectable supper, especially when you consider the setting of literally being dockside.

Amazing views can be had of Hyannis Harbor. Both the service and the cuisine are excellent. The menu has expanded and has a lot more options, including prime rib, pasta, and several Jamaican dishes in addition to the standard seafood from Cape Cod. To start, many people had chicken wings and potato skins, both of which were filling and wonderful. They chose a Cape Cod Reuben for lunch, which was wonderful and enormous, and substitutes fresh cod for corned beef.

Prices: Estimate $23-$45 for a meal


5. The Raw Bar

This place has an amazing setting, delicious cuisine, and its all-time favorite waitress. They chose a seat inside near a window with a view of the picturesque waterfront and ferry dock. While many people waited for the other members of their party to show up, drinks were immediately provided and many people perused the menu.

The most gracious, considerate, and polite addition to an already wonderful supper was Alisa, their waitress. Their drinks were never unfilled, and she quickly cleared away any used plates and swapped out their silverware in between courses. Her meticulousness and courteous manner won us over.

Purchased the tasty, lightly breaded tenders with a spicy buffalo sauce to split. Scallops Carbonara YUM! What a wonderful dish. Over creamy, delicious carbonara penne, seared, plump, soft scallops were piled high. The ideal quantity of sauce to balance out the rest of the dish.

What a treat—Wild Mushroom Rav! Sculpted plates of ravioli filled with aromatic, creamy wild mushrooms.
Lobster Caesar salad with tons of fresh morsels of lobster. Huge and crisp portions were provided. The ideal way to eat lobster without feeling overly decadent. Shrimp on an arugula salad that had been perfectly grilled were plump and moist. The salad was a gorgeous dish that was loaded with ingredients like goat cheese and sundried tomatoes.

Excellent position next to the harbor. Excellent arrangement with a bar, inside open-air seating, and a patio. Had the fried fish sandwich, the Caesar salad with grilled chicken, and the mussels. Very attentive and professional service to bring it all home. A modest but unmistakably focused owner.

From the bar to the outside seats, the restaurant is really stunning. There is something on the menu for everyone, which is the ideal decision. The cuisine was excellent, and the customer service is unquestionably the best in the neighborhood. Overall fantastic lunch and night; will return without a doubt.

The server, was careful and helpful, giving suggestions on both the cuisine and the drinks. Because it was the last night of the season, many people had a limited menu; otherwise, you could have lobster, quahogs, and scallops. Nevertheless, many people were happy with their decision and will definitely return. The cod was tender, buttery, flaky, and delicious—it melted in your mouth. Although not the main attraction, the green beans, and rice were quite excellent and fresh.

In order to compare the crab cakes to Faidley’s in Baltimore, many people ordered them as an appetizer. With no green peppers and the ideal amount of salt, they appeared to be lump crabs. They were grilled instead of fried, but nobody objected. They consumed prosecco and St. Germaine-based summertime bubbly. It was amazing and quite fragrant. The sangria was also really good. Thanks to Blue Water Grille for a delicious supper to close the season.

Prices: Estimate $15-$40 for a meal


6. The Black Cat Tavern

The Black Cat Tavern is located high above the Hyannis coastline. Think about having lunch or dinner at the Black Cat for a pleasant hidden patio experience if you like a vibrant waterfront entertainment show while you are out to dine. A broad variety of appetizers that are suitable for sharing are available at this Waterford eatery. Eat regionally by trying native steamers and roasted Barnstable oysters.

The enormous black cat lobster roll, which comes with a waterfront view, is a staple of Cape Cod lunch and supper menus. Customers can choose from a wide variety of mouthwatering menu items in the kitchen, including baked, fried, grilled, blackened, and especially seafood.

Try the fish tacos, clam chowder, and lobster rolls. There aren’t many public parking spaces available in Hyannis’ waterfront area because of how well-liked it is as a tourist destination. Consider walking, hiring a taxi, or using a ride-sharing service if you are eating during rush hour.

They prepared them an off-menu salad, a Caesar salad with fried clams on top, and it was delicious and came with a huge amount of clams. I have eaten lobster rolls all throughout New England, and this was the greatest I have ever had.

Without a doubt and this restaurant has the best lobster roll. Nantucket’s eateries were unable to compete. They also have delicious clam chowders. They have been staying here for several days, and many people appreciate every meal. They had delicious scallops.

Excellent clam chowder I’ve been to Cape Cod. The potatoes were of the ideal thickness and toughness. A bowl was reasonably priced for this area as opposed to Spankys across the street. The service was excellent while I sat at the bar. The two bartenders were excellent company.

You can try to order a lobster roll and ask the bartender for more suggestions. Some people decided to order the scallop and lobster special over the linguine. Additionally, it was wonderful. It was a sizable piece. Some people’s favorite meal so far in the Cape has been this one.

A lot of people have a satisfied stomach as they write this evaluation. The meal is fantastic. They would return only for the chowder. They will return yearly to this location.

Prices: Estimate $52-$112 for a meal


7. Baxter’s Boathouse

The best beachfront pub and restaurant in the neighborhood, in their opinion, is this one. It has outdoor seating and is located between many island transportation terminals. affordable costs and good service. Excellent seaside setting.

What a fantastic waterfront experience, restaurant, and bar! You will enjoy a full view of the water, boats, fishing boats, and ferries because the hotel is situated right in the midst of Hyannis Harbor. Eating and drinking are permitted indoors, outdoors, and even on boats. The assistance and service are excellent, and the employees are polite.

The greatest seafood in the area, whether it is fried, grilled, or steam-cooked. If you’re in Cape Cod, Baxters is a must-stop for lunch or dinner because it has it all. I know I did. Enjoy. And lastly, the Best Bloody Mary EVER. An old family recipe passed down by Capt. Barney Baxter.

The Cape’s best overall fried fish establishment. It doesn’t get any closer than this to the beautiful Hyannis Harbor. a variety of freshly fried fish. A terrific, healthy addition to any meal, the salad was big and fresh. They provide vegetarian options such as salads, grilled cheese, and veggie burgers. Lots of people cleaning and picking up; very clean. There is both indoor and outdoor seating available.

Although it’s not the cheapest option, the scenery makes up for it. Ferry boats and several types of fishing boats can be seen passing by. The full bar is also available. Children are not permitted at the upscale, table-service restaurant inside. Fantastic seafood restaurant with a tourist vibe and an amazing view.

This area has some of the best seafood around. However, the costs are quite high. The setting is stunning and just by the docks. They are adept at managing crowds, and parking is frequent enough. It is a renowned and significant location that is worthwhile visiting but be prepared to spend. Here, I can get some of the greatest fish and chips I’ve ever had.

Many said it was fantastic the first time when they came here… I made the decision to follow the parking attendant’s advice and have lunch at this restaurant because I was traveling alone back from Nantucket. It was a fantastic experience! The food was excellent, and the view was stunning. The waitstaff was friendly and attentive. enjoying lunch while sitting and seeing passing boats and seals. Customers arriving on boats had the cool option of in-boat service, and everyone appeared to be satisfied with the food and service… Can’t wait to go back!

When some people looked for a place to get a lobster roll, Baxters Boathouse was ready. The waiter was consistently a joy to deal with since she was upbeat, comforting, and helpful. The lobster roll dinners were top-notch, neatly wrapped, and well-labeled.

Prices: Estimate $29-$65 for a meal


8. Trader Ed’s

This place has an awesome pub and it was by far the best bar on the cape, with constant waterfront parties. best cuisine and drinks in the area. The top waterfront eatery on Cape Cod is Trader Ed’s. The food is amazing, and the waitstaff and bartenders are top-notch. Anyone on Cape Cod should visit this lovely marina tavern, in their opinion.

Without a doubt, their favorite Cape Cod restaurant is this waterfront pub. The food was outstanding, the service was outstanding, and the beverages were inventive and refreshing. The ahi tuna burger sandwich many people had was savory and delectable. Would rate it higher than 5 stars if they could and they’ll definitely return soon.

Always a positive atmosphere at Trader Ed’s. Get there early to guarantee entry and enjoy your evening on the marina at one of Cape Cod’s trendiest locations! An energetic crowd, fantastic beverages, and music. Where else can you relax by a lovely pool while taking in a breathtaking waterfront view? Come thirsty; drinks are excellent and reasonably priced. If you’re hungry, stop by and get something to eat; you won’t be sorry. Their summertime travels to Johnny Shea’s Trader Ed’s are highly anticipated!

And don’t be too surprised if this place is such a fun location! It has both live music and a pool. The greatest lobster roll with a ton of entire claw meat is served there. Get some lobster if you like it!

The crispy and tasty chicken wings. Did you notice the size of the fish in the fish and chips? Even their sister-in-law failed to complete it. She gave a friend access to it. Wellfleet oysters that were raw were delicious! I adore it with more horse radish and cocktail sauce.

Screwball whiskey was running a deal while many people were there. They were hawking their whiskey with peanut butter. You receive a free T-shirt or metal straw when you order a mudslide. The family experienced mudslides and had fun. Good drinks were served. Although many people don’t drink, the virgin pina colada was so excellent that they got another one.

The service is excellent, and the cuisine is outstanding. Excellent strawberry Coladas, Cuervo cold margaritas, and pia Coladas are also available. The food is excellent. The ambiance is preferable. has a jimmy buffets bar vibe to it. Epic. Have a beer here, and maybe buy a hamburger, then give the bartenders a tip if you are pleased with this place.

Prices: Estimate $18-$45 for a meal


9. Black Cat Harbor Shack

Black Cat Harbor Shack is allowed to dine with you at an outdoor table in the laid-back restaurant. The Black Cat Harbor Shack is located close to The Black Cat Tavern on the gorgeous Hyannis Harbor. If you’re in a hurry, they can pack things up for you, or you may relax by enjoying Cape Cod delicacies on the front porch while watching the boats go by. fully accessible bar.

The service was outstanding, and the lobster rolls were the best in the area. Many tourists agree that Hyannis has the tastiest lobster roll. Overall, the clam chowder was the best dish.

Try the fried calamari side dish and the fried oyster taco for a late-night snack. The fried calamari side dish was outstanding, and the serving size was appropriate. It was just the right amount of chewy inside and crisp outside.

The fried oyster tacos were only passable. It just included a small pack of chips in a very small amount. Additionally, they had excellent fried calamari!

Hyannis’ finest clam chowder will be served here. And this place also has a fantastic raw bar. The mussels can be excellent! The best was the scallops coated in bacon. The best seafood is always available! Some people ordered the salad with steak tips because they didn’t want shellfish and they loved it. Others ordered pasta from the menu, and they were thrilled when the waiter topped it with freshly grated Parmesan.

The beverages were also quite good. The waitresses were outstanding. They were never intrusive and were always there when you needed them. In certain places, the waitress is nowhere to be found until they want to be paid. The waitress did an excellent job keeping their eight-year-old, who is picky and demanding, pleased. A very calm environment but not too loud that you can’t hear your companions. On their third trip to Hyannis, many people had already been there twice. Every time many people visit Hyannis, many people go.

All outside seating, next to a restaurant from the same owners appears to be finer. With their dogs, many people were immediately seated at a table and served their chowder, which has won numerous awards. really tasty You cannot fail if you try this if you are around.

As an entree, a few people ordered some fried scallops, which were fairly tasty. The skinny fries, however, weren’t terrific. Overall, the service was excellent. Don’t miss the chowder, which was this restaurant’s standout dish.

Many have never tasted New England chowder better than this. It was expertly crafted. When the correct components are combined, the sauce is not too thick and quite appetizing.

The best lobster roll, according to the husband. It was loaded with beef. I ate a sandwich with lobster cake, which was delicious, and had spicy mayo.

This restaurant has a cute terrace outside and is across from the ferry dock. In addition, there is complimentary valet parking. They also have a window for takeout. Good customer service and a sweet, relaxed setting. I heartily advise seeing this place.

Prices: Estimate $20-$50 for a meal

These 9 waterfront restaurants in Hyannis on the list are true hidden gems for a scrumptious supper. These restaurants are unique in that they not only serve wonderful food but also create some beautiful waterfront view throughout the day and into the evening. The best waterfront restaurants were picked based on their unique menu options, client feedback, fresh products, and personal experiences.

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