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10 Best Restaurants In Hyannis, Cape Cod 2022

There are so many best restaurants in Hyannis to try out that it might be overwhelming to know where to start. The best seafood, indoor and outdoor seats, main street and waterfront dining, and other features contribute to a pleasant and satisfying dining experience. Fine dining, typically fried food, restaurants with a cosmopolitan flair, exquisite sweet shops, and artisan bakeries are all available as menu alternatives.

In Hyannis, there is no excuse for hunger. The decision of which restaurant to choose will be the most challenging when comes to the best restaurants in Hyannis. Once seated, you will be presented with an exquisite menu to browse while enjoying your favorite beverage. You shouldn’t miss any of the ten eateries listed below, in no particular order! They were chosen based on their original menu offerings, consumer feedback, and fresh ingredients.

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1. Tumi Ceviche Bar & Restaurant

Peruvian food has recently made its way to Hyannis and is creating quite a stir. Both traditional Italian fare and authentic Peruvian cuisine are served at Tumi Ceviche Bar and Restaurante. The charming patio and quirky interior design create the perfect atmosphere for an enjoyable, informal eating experience.

Start with the quinoa-crusted Andean crab cakes, which are topped with crispy choclo (delicious giant corn kernels). The Pescado A Lo Macho is an incredible seafood feast that combines deep-fried whole Branzino, aji Amarillo, calamari, and mussels. For those who are less daring, Tumi also provides traditional Italian dishes. Try the Fresh Fish of the Day selection or the Mixto with shrimp, octopus, mussels, and the catch of the day at this restaurant known for its ceviche. To complete your dinner, be sure to order one of their specialty drinks, such as the Pisco Sour.

As a small hunting expedition before your meal, look for the sign for Tumi’s painted high on a brick wall on Main Street with an arrow leading you down the alley.

Prices: Estimate $29-$52 for a meal


2. Alberto’s Ristorante Restaurants 

In the center of Hyannis, Alberto’s serves up casual excellent cuisine to visitors. The broad menu pays special attention to fresh, local fish and draws inspiration from Italian cuisine. The first Northern Italian restaurant in the area, Alberto’s established in 1984. Since then, a lot of other nearby eateries have come and gone, but Felisberto Barreiro’s elegant Alberto’s has remained a popular option.

Although it is a sophisticated setting with immaculate white tablecloths and lovely chandelier lighting, there is also a bustling bar scene there, especially in the summer. The three-course prix-fixe dinner, available every day from 4 to 6 pm for $22, is the greatest price. Cannelloni and other kinds of pasta produced in-house are favorites. Additionally, there is a delectable roast duck and the famous “Alberto,” a delicate veal cutlet topped with fresh tomato sauce, pesto, peppers, and artichoke hearts. There is also a top-notch kids’ menu.

Starting, the Truffle Gnocchi and the Mussels Fra Diavolo are both excellent choices. With dishes like shrimp manicotti or lobster ravioli, the range of alternatives for the pasta course is tantalizing. Alberto’s serves a selection of seafood, beef, chicken, veal, and duck-focused meals in addition to serving fresh boiled or baked stuffed lobster. You’ll be singing “O Sole Mio” after eating the pig Milanese or the veal saltimbocca.

Helpful Tip: Behind Alberto’s, there is a sizable public parking lot. Free parking is available in a prime location for exploring Main Street Hyannis before or after meals.

Prices: Estimate $42-$70 for a meal


3. Anejo Mexican Bistro Restaurants 

Enjoy dining outside while people-watching on Main Street in Hyannis, which is right around the corner. The whole dinner menu is available either in the light-filled room with vaulted ceilings and next to a bright bar full of tequilas, or you may sit beneath the historic weeping beech tree planted in 1776 and have a Paloma by the outside bar. There is also a luxurious lounge where you can relax and sip smokey mezcal.

You may be sure that Anejo Mexican Bistro has refined its food and service because it has restaurants in Hyannis and Falmouth. Your taste buds will be transported to a street corn vendor on the Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico City by the Main Street Corn. You will enjoy every hot mouthful of everything, from flautas to tostadas and tacos to enchiladas.

As you happily eat your way through the menu, let the cotija and Oaxaca cheeses flow.

Helpful Tip: On a lovely summer night, the patio rapidly fills up. To get a head start in the dining line, use their call-ahead seating option or sign up for the online waitlist.

Prices: Estimate $32-$73 for a meal


4. Baxter’s Cape Cod Restaurants 

One of Hyannis’s biggest seafood surprises can be found in a seemingly modest, shingled shack on the water. When on vacation in Hyannis, head to Baxter’s Cape Cod for a traditional lobster roll or seafood feast. The restaurant is on the bay and offers stunning views and delectable meals. If you’ve never had a quahog, the stuffed variety is incredible. The quahog is the ideal Cape Cod dish, any Cape Codder will tell you.

The variety of traditional dishes includes seafood bisque, fried whole belly clams, steamers, and lobster any way you like it. They can also be grilled or broiled. The best, most casual, fresh-from-the-ocean extravaganza on Cape Cod can be found when dining at Baxter’s.

Helpful Tip: The Kennedy family loves Baxter’s when they are staying at their Hyannis compound. You might encounter one of the famous family members seated next to you at a restaurant.

Prices: Estimate $29-$65 for a meal


5. The Naked Oyster Restaurants in Hyannis

The Naked Oyster is the ideal restaurant for a romantic date night or a fun supper with friends. You can start your seafood dining experience with one of the several oyster starters available at the raw bar or one of the dressed-and-baked oyster selections.

For a creative take on a traditional dish, order the local scallops and fig mascarpone ravioli or the surf and turf-style sirloin with poached shrimp. For you to enjoy with your delectable meal, The Naked Oyster provides a wonderful selection of wines by the glass and by the bottle.

The Naked Oyster’s owners cultivate their oysters in the neighboring Barnstable Harbor. You can be sure that these farm-fresh delicacies are exquisite and that you are dining on the freshest oysters on the cape because they are grown and harvested by devoted farmers.

Help Tip: The restaurant is only open for dinner from Wednesday through Saturday. Service gets underway at 4:30.

Prices: Estimate $63-$91 for a meal


6. Brazilian Grill Restaurants in Hyannis

A family-run eatery, The Brazilian Grill opened its doors in 2000. They provide a genuine dining experience with family-recipe handcrafted dishes from southern Brazil. The major event is Churrasco a Rodizio, a traditional Brazilian barbecue that is prepared table-side by Gauchos who cut up skewers of the beef, chicken, hog, and lamb that have been barbecued over a wood fire, precisely as the fabled Gauchos would have done in the Rio Grande do Sul region of Brazil.

As they will give you Churrasco a Rodizio, The Brazilian Grill – Hyannis provides an authentic Brazilian dining experience. Brazilian barbecue is known as rodizio, and it features a wide range of different types of beef, hog, lamb, and chicken that are cooked slowly over real wood to retain all of their natural fluids and tastes. Additionally, providing a complete buffet with soups, salads, cheeses, hot entrées, and side dishes. Some also offer a unique assortment of desserts, all of which are cooked from scratch in our kitchen. Additionally, have a full-service bar with a selection of wines, beers, and Brazilian beverages including the well-known Caipirinha. Southern Brazil’s customs, culture, and cuisine are proudly shared at The Brazilian Grill Churrascaria.

Prices: Estimate $31-$50 for a meal


7. Torino Restaurants in Hyannis

Torino is the place to go if you want to be in the center of downtown Hyannis for a drink or dinner. The patio offers guests a bustling environment where they may take pleasure in a delicious dinner, hang out with awesome pals, and unwind while relaxing at their Main Street table. Torino is a lively, casual dining venue with terrific food that your vacation vibe desires after a long day at the beach.

Classic pizzas, a large assortment of wholesome salads, and a variety of Italian-American meals are all available in Turin. The greatest burger downtown is the Torino prime. Not your kid’s mac and cheese dish, but their lobster mac and cheese if you want a nice lobster!

Helpful Tip: Due to the restaurant’s popularity and prominent Main Street patio, plan to wait for a seat.

Prices: Estimate $20-$40 for a meal


8. The Black Cat Tavern – Top Restaurants in Hyannis

The Black Cat Tavern is located high above the bustling Hyannis waterfront. Consider dining at the Black Cat for a fun hideaway patio lunch or dinner if you enjoy a busy waterfront entertainment show while you are out to dinner. It offers a large variety of appetizers that are ideal for sharing. Try eating regionally with the native steamers and baked Barnstable oysters. A traditional lunch or dinner delicacy on Cape Cod is the enormous black cat lobster roll. The kitchen provides diners with a wide variety of delicious dining alternatives, including baked, fried, grilled, and blackened.

Helpful  Tip: Public parking is scarce in the waterfront area of Hyannis because it is a popular tourist destination. Consider walking or using a taxi or ride-sharing service if you are dining during rush hour.

Prices: Estimate $52-$112 for a meal


9. Pain D’Avignon Restaurant And Boulangerie Restaurants 

At Pain D’Avignon Restaurant and Boulangerie, you’ll discover everything you’d expect from a superb French patisserie. The little shop’s daily variety of finely baked loaves of bread and delicious pastries draws throngs of loyal customers. You can get traditional pasta dishes, filling risottos, lovely salads, and small plates that are ideal for sharing in the restaurant next door.

Bruises d’Avignon is Worth the trek, it’s outside of the downtown area close to the Hyannis airport. This is where you may get baked goods for your lovely outdoor lunch at the beach. Items for your picnic basket like the ham and Swiss croissant or the spinach and feta Chausson go wonderful with a great bottle of wine and a picnic view of the sea.

Helpful Tip: Due to the parking lot’s size, it can be difficult to obtain a space when the restaurant is busy. However, a lot of visitors order takeout or pick up bread. A place will typically become available shortly after you complete a full round of the block.

Prices: Estimate $42-$89 for a meal


10. The West End Restaurants 

The West End Restaurant, owned and run by the husband and wife partnership of Jen Villa and Blane Toedt, was founded out of a shared love for first-rate service and distinctive culinary experiences. In one of the dining areas with decor from The Great Gatsby, you may unwind with dinner and a drink while escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

This place will be such a gem in the West End. Many say it is obvious that the owners and employees have put a lot of thought, and work, and they fell in love with this place from the delectable food & specialty cocktails to the lovely design & dining area. Anyone searching for a memorable night out or a Cape Cod local experience should check it out, in some opinion.

Along with stuffed quahogs and crabcakes, there are truffle tots, a posh take on tater tots, and honey-roasted Brussels sprouts. Fried chicken with mac & cheese and grilled swordfish with fruit salsa are two examples of main dishes. A raw bar and other less-priced burger options are also available. There is a jazz brunch on Sunday morning featuring regional musicians.

Prices: Estimate $42-$104 for a meal

Upon this our top 10 list of the best restaurants in Hyannis. Feel free to go out and explore many dishes, cuisines, and available desserts. If you enjoy fine dining or are just a food enthusiast, Hyannis should be next on your list of places to visit. The downtown of Hyannis is very active and contains a large number of stores and eateries making it easy to find the best restaurants in Hyannis.

The ten eateries on the list upon are real hidden gems for a delectable meal. Some of the nicest meals that many have ever eaten were at some of these eateries when they visited Hyannis a few years ago for a road race. These restaurants are exceptionally special because they not only serve delicious food but also create a relaxed yet lively atmosphere both during the day and well into the evening. Those restaurants were chosen to be the best restaurants in Hyannis based on their original menu offerings, client feedback, fresh ingredients, and personal experiences.

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