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7 Vegan Restaurants In Hyannis Good For Dieters

An animal-free or animal-product-free diet excludes all ingredients. There is a lot of data to support the advantages of a plant-based diet, including a decreased risk for cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease and improved mental and cognitive health.

A growing number of vegan menu options, ranging from pizza to fine dining, are sought after by the estimated 79 million vegans who travel and eat out regularly. There are now more vegan restaurants sprouting in Hyannis to meet the rising demand.

You might be shocked to learn that, among the fried clams and chowder that can be found on the menus of most Cape and Island restaurants, there is a plethora of vibrant, inventive, and delectable vegan cuisine. There are several vegan eateries in Hyannis and the islands, from Martha’s Vineyard to Nantucket and Bourne to P-town. To satisfy the desires of vegan customers, local cooks are stepping outside of the realm of hummus and mixed greens. Here come the list top 7 vegan restaurants in Hyannis.

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1. Green Lotus Cafe

Here at Green Lotus Cafe, welcome. Owner Nate Fanara is passionate about vegan cuisine. Nate worked as an intern at Tyson Cole’s Iron Chef challenger restaurant Uchi while attending a plant-based culinary school in Austin, Texas. Nate opened his first restaurant in his Cape Cod home, bringing all his knowledge and enthusiasm.

The Green Lotus Cafe offers breakfast and lunch and includes a full juice, smoothie, and coffee bar. They serve the area’s freshest, healthiest meals and most of all vegan. Come in and discover the topic of conversation.

The only vegan and vegetarian restaurant on the Cape, Green Lotus Café in Hyannis also offers a wide variety of gluten-free dishes. For breakfast, choose a vegan burrito or fresh juice, and for lunch, tuck it into a filling soup, sandwich, or salad. Additionally, there is an extensive selection of coffee and tea options, as well as vegan bubble tea.

For those who live a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, this cafe is amazing in its own way (certainly inclusive for the more open-minded folks). The selections are amazing, and the staff is really welcoming.

It was remarkably similar in flavor and texture to a real vegan sandwich. A terrific place for those who yearn for their former way of life yet want to eat healthier! Some people also ordered a peanut butter cup smoothie, which was excellent, and a salad to go, which they can’t wait to have later. Right in the middle of town and with a great, cozy vibe!

Fresh and excellent food is served here. There are so many nutritious options available that will make you feel full and energized. Many people tried their vegan corn chowder during our most recent visit. Some got a second bowl since it was so excellent and their husband and kid loved it so much.

Also provided was a Greek Avocado salad. Given that some people aren’t great salad dressing fans, the pesto in it was a wonderful surprise and added an extra burst of flavor.

Prices: Estimate $25-$40 for a meal


2. Spoon and Seed

The Spoon and Seed crew, who introduced farm-to-table & holistic cuisine to Cape Cod in June 2015, has also changed how people eat all year round. Farm-to-table, holistic cuisine, sourdough, breakfast, lunch, take-and-bake, and vegan choices.

In the middle of an industrial park, gourmet food will make you astonishing. This is the place to go if you’re a foodie or just prefer to try something a little fancier than your typical breakfast fare. Some ordered the butternut squash and turkey over naan bread and ordered eggs and homemade hash.

Many said tasted great. They also offer delicious cape cod nitro cold brew on tap. The tiny potatoes in the hash browns are very crunchy. This restaurant serves breakfast and lunch and is well worth the detour. Everything is handcrafted and presented beautifully.

Some travelers had broccoli, bacon, and cheddar omelet with hollandaise sauce while others had a sizable salad. The dishes are huge and excellent. Some say they will eager to return and try other items on the menu.

Prices: Estimate $15-$30 for a meal

3. Pizza Barbone

Pizza Barbone offers wood-fired vegan pizza with dairy-free mozzarella, roasted beet salad with green apple and hazelnuts, and vegan appetizers including fried Brussel sprouts and roasted cauliflower with pickled onion and golden raisins (be sure to ask them to prepare it without the ricotta Salata).

Due to its wood-fired Neapolitan pizzas, Pizza Barbone in Hyannis is a staple on Cape Cod’s dining scene and renders delivery choices unappealing. The bulk of the homemade pizzas, which are baked in an imported oven, may be made vegan. From their rooftop garden, they even gather their own greens, carrots, beets, radishes, onions, scallions, and a wide range of herbs, which they use as pizza toppings.

Since the spring of 2010, Pizza Barbone’s mobile wood-fired oven has been cooking the freshest wood-fired pizza in the Cape and Boston region. Pizza Barbone has established roots with a physical site at 390 Main St. in Hyannis, MA, after seeing a great success at regional farmer’s markets, public gatherings, and clients’ private parties throughout Massachusetts.

Their Stefano Ferrara oven, which was made with exquisite care by third-generation oven-makers from rock and ash from Mount Vesuvius and decorated in hand-painted glass tiles before being brought to them from Naples, Italy, is where this restaurant bakes their pizza.

Some people came here and chose the special chopped salad, but they also tried the mixed greens and the caesar. It was called “amazing,” “delicious,” and other things. Although salads might be expensive, not a single piece of lettuce that got away is brought back to the kitchen.

Next, the pizzas. Some had some fantastic pies, and they know that pizza is a religion. These were rather tasty. Delicious dough and crust, fresh ingredients, and homemade-tasting sauce were all present. Some customers only sampled the cannoli, which was excellent. Despite claims that it can be overly sweet, it appears that most people will like the cookie.

Prices: Estimate $30-$40 for a meal


4. Sam Diego

Mexican food lovers will be pleased to learn that the family-friendly Sam Diego’s in Hyannis offers a vegan menu and fills burritos and tacos with grilled vegetables and vegan black and refried beans.

On Cape Cod, both children and adults visit Sam Diego’s in Hyannis to sate their demands for popular Tex-Mex dishes. Vegetarian options range from tacos, enchiladas, salads, and a filling combo platter. A full vegan menu is also available, with dishes including a whole wheat tortilla “rolled ‘n stuffed” with many choices of vegetarian black beans or vegetarian refried beans covered with vegetable red salsa.

There are many reasons why we adore Sam Diego’s. With regard to safety and service, COVID has done a fantastic job. There is a terrific online takeout menu that is really simple to use, as well as plenty of indoor and outdoor dining areas that are well-spaced out. They consistently handle the serious food allergy in our household and keep everything sizzling hot.

Some of their faves include the vegan burrito, any combo meal, enchiladas, Buffalo quesadilla, vegan nachos, and chili. To start, they provide complimentary chips and salsa and have a sizable drink selection.

Excellent meal and beverages. Even the salsa and chips can be excellent. Their waitress Briana provided many customers with excellent service. After their dinner was delivered, they followed up with us numerous times to make sure everything was okay. Some people said that they would undoubtedly return.

Prices: Estimate $25-$45 for a meal


5. Ocean Street Cafe & Deli

In a contemporary, spotless, and relaxed setting, this restaurant serves a wide selection of specialty deli sandwiches, new classics, vegan kebabs, salads, coffee, espresso, desserts, beer, and wine. You are likely to discover some new favorites among their Mediterranean-inspired cuisine and vegan and vegetarian selections.

You will be enjoyed a variety of sandwiches, salads, and a pita and hummus appetizer. Everything will be mouthwatering! There are a ton of delicious sandwich selections including enormous vegan sandwiches.

Some customers said when they couldn’t get to the store before their boat left, Ocean Street was very accommodating when placing the order and even delivered a forgotten salad tray to the docks down the street for them.

The meal is excellent despite the sparse environment. There are many imaginatively titled sandwiches on the menu, such as the “Yes they have falafel” and the “Mayflower Deluxe,” both of which can be personally endorsed. In actuality, though, they will create pretty much about any filing that you can imagine when comes to vegan choices.

Prices: Estimate $11-$30 for a meal


6. Bread and Roses

A hip coffee shop and bookstore called Bread, and Roses are situated on Main Street in Hyannis. It serves coffee, light fare, and vegan options including a Portuguese Burrito made with Just Egg and vegan chorizo.

Are you looking for delicious meals, book-lined walls, a welcoming staff, and a welcoming environment? Bread and Roses is the only book you need. This restaurant has been going there to hang out with friends, go on dates, look through the new and used books, eat a vegan brunch, or write a bit while enjoying the atmosphere of a cafe.

Everyone who works here is positive, hospitable, and amiable. Inquire them about their activities and night plans! Some of the people are really thrilled! Many believe that the community will benefit much from Bread and Roses.

This is precisely the location that mid-cape has been in need of. Many customers feel right at home in the environment of zines, buttons, protest photos, identity flags, and original literature because they have a few marginalized identities.

Some of them tried the balsamic sandwich, and it was incredible. Likewise popular were blueberry scones. Even vegan cake occasionally is available.

They recently increased their selection to include well-priced used books! Numerous titles are well-known. Many believe there will soon be a section for children. And many people are eagerly anticipating how Bread and Roses will change once they get settled. A lot of people are really appreciative!

The Mediterranean Caprese Flatbread is what many people ordered. When they first saw it, they thought it was a little bit little, but it was the ideal size! Tomatoes, olives, feta cheese substitute, and pesto foundation. Many had never tried it before, but they were glad they did since it was delicious. A sizable iced cookie butter coffee to sip on! It wasn’t even overly sweet!

It was delicious when some guests ordered the flatbread pizza with figs and pineapple. The breakfast sandwich some people ordered was delicious and included cream cheese. The atmosphere was quite tranquil, and the staff was incredibly polite and welcoming.

You can go try their dishes like splitting a slice of the Biscoff cake and a chocolate chip cookie for dessert, both can be wonderful. You should definitely get these. Feel free and enjoy your meal with your with because there is the kid zone and you can also bring a few books from the bookshop area. When you walk out, many will comment, “I really enjoyed that place.” Both vegans and non-vegans will do it together.

Prices: Estimate $25-$37 for a meal


7. Anejo Mexican Bistro Restaurants 

Enjoy dining outside while people-watching on Main Street in Hyannis, which is right around the corner. The whole dinner menu is available either in the light-filled room with vaulted ceilings and next to a bright bar full of tequilas, or you may sit beneath the historic weeping beech tree planted in 1776 and have a Paloma by the outside bar. There is also a luxurious lounge where you can relax and sip smokey mezcal.

You may be sure that Anejo Mexican Bistro has refined its vegan food and service because it has restaurants in Hyannis and Falmouth. Your taste buds will be transported to a street corn vendor on the Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico City by the Main Street Corn. You will enjoy every hot mouthful of everything, from flautas to tostadas and tacos to enchiladas, there are many choices for vegans too.

As you happily eat your way through the menu, let the cotija and Oaxaca cheeses flow.

Helpful Tip: On a lovely summer night, the patio rapidly fills up. To get a head start in the dining line, use their call-ahead seating option or sign up for the online waitlist.

You can enjoy plenty of chips and excellent salsa. Some people brought their friend who is a vegan, and this place catered to her, and the waitress can be excellent. The mojitos are incredibly flavorful and fresh.

Prices: Estimate $32-$73 for a meal

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