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5 Chinese Restaurants In Hyannis You Should Not Miss

Hyannis is known for its fish, but it also has a ton of fantastic mom-and-pop restaurants serving Chinese food every day of the year. If you’re looking for traditional dishes like some Chinese cuisine, you’ve come to the perfect location. We found the finest of the best in Hyannis to meet every demand for any consumer.

Additionally, fresh vegetables including mushrooms, chestnuts, bamboo, lotus seed, and tofu are frequently used in Chinese cuisine. To create a complex blend of flavor and scent, copious amounts of fish sauce, five-spice powder, oyster sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, root garlic, fresh ginger, and other spices are used.

The best 5 Chinese restaurants in Hyannis are listed below based on reviews, menus, and some travelers’ first-hand accounts. Some people think that the Hyannis offers something unique for everyone with well-balanced meals and some intriguing spins on classics to get your day off to the perfect start. You must not miss these!

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1. Dragon Lite Restaurant

Dragon Lite Restaurant serves the best Chinese food on Cape Cod. They have been serving outstanding Chinese food for almost 30 years. Have you ever noticed how the best restaurants can take their customers to a completely different place? A world that is less chaotic, friendlier, and yes, tastier.

Welcome to Dragon Lite, then. One feels more in control just by entering the inside, a room will be filled with positive energy and Asian serenity. The table is soon graced by a steaming pot of powerful Chinese tea. After that, they serve distinctive appetizers like their delectable vegetarian or delicious shrimp spring rolls, which are so delicately cooked you’ll think a pastry chef made them.

Or you can try their delectable thin scallion pancake. The Dragon’s dishes are luscious and lanky for people who have a hankering for unique cocktails. In some most guests mixed vegetables with a chicken dish, and rice is served alongside saucy chicken slices swimming in a sea of vegetables.

Additionally, the service is consistently attentive and doting without being overbearing. So set the world aside and invite the Dragon Lite Restaurant inside.

Some of the guests have had incredibly unsatisfactory cuisine when searching for nice Chinese food in Hyannis. The top choice for most visitors is Dragon Lite Restaurant. Crisp and tasty eggrolls can be served here. The meat on the stick is delicate and wonderful, it typically tastes like shoe leather.

It can be fresh fried rice. The crab rangoons can be excellent, but some say there won’t be as much crab as usual. Everything went down perfectly with a Mai Tai. The restaurant has excellent service and can be quiet sometimes. Most definitely, many will return!

Prices: Estimate $36-$50 for a meal

2. Bamboo Restaurant

This restaurant serves the best Asian food on Cape Cod at Bamboo Hyannis. Bamboo will have the ideal ingredients for your dining experience, whether you desire a gourmet meal or are commemorating a special occasion. Come join them for dinner or lunch.

Some of their intentions are to give you dishes that are consistently prepared with fresh ingredients and flavors that will make you nostalgic while also tempting you to try something new. Here, Bamboo is enthusiastic about Asian food and wants to share that enthusiasm with you.

The other Asian cuisine will be delectable and expected to have a fresh flavor. It will be a wonderful experience with excellent service and food. The dinner is said to be excellent. The highlight of some guests was the sushi. Each course will be freshly cooked, and the service is going to be as they say, flawless.

It is wide, comfy, and beautiful. This place can be busy at some point. The personnel provides prompt, pleasant, and helpful service. There is easy parking available, or you can walk there if you are staying at one of the many hotels along this stretch of road. The cuisine is gonna be excellent. Some customers had normal Chinese food, but they also offer a sushi bar across from the bar if you like that.

This entire setup is quite well done. A lot of people enjoyed the duck that they had. There is a sizable menu and a full bar there. The entire evening is gonna be fantastic, and some people heartily recommend visiting this restaurant if you’re in the mood for Chinese food like they were. On Hyannis, options are limited, but fortunately, this will be fantastic and readily available.

The host is incredibly courteous, and the restaurant has a polite staff. Started with some classic appetizers including perfectly prepared Scallion Pancakes, Egg Rolls, and Spicy scallops. You can change your focus and enjoy some delicious spring rolls and their homemade fried rice. It is merely delectable. Perfect preparation for your many hours of drives home!

Prices: Estimate $45-$70 for a meal


3. Great House Of Zou Restaurant

This restaurant has great cuisine. You can come here and have some appetizers, fried rice, vegetable lo mein, and orange chicken in addition to the PuPu plate. The greatest Chinese food some of us will eat in a while, according to some guests. If you’re in the Hyannis region, some would highly suggest it!

The situation is ideal. Some people’s new favorite dish is curry chicken with white rice, noodles, and hot and sour soup! Egg rolls and chicken fingers are equally tasty. Nothing can go wrong if you’re going to this place. And they serve quickly and tasty!

The lunch is ready when they said it will be, and everything will be hot and fresh. One of the best Chinese restaurants many have been to in a very long time is this one. Some people had the Pu Pu Platter and a dish of chicken that will be so delicious it melted in your mouth.

The chicken fingers have a wonderfully light and creamy batter, and the crab Ragun is just amazing. Excellent location for Chinese food.

This Chinese restaurant serves fantastic food like veggie lo mein, mapo tofu, and home-style tofu, great Chinese food. The food is wonderful and prepared well by the chef. Excellent, incredibly friendly, and personable service. The atmosphere will be merely mediocre, although it can have a more takeout Chinese vibe. However, compared to another Chinese takeout many have had, this is far superior. You can come to visit anytime you want.

You can try egg rolls, chicken fingers, lo mein, fried rice, Moo Goo Gai Pan, chicken with broccoli, and chicken chow fun are among the dishes that you could ever try. The egg rolls are typical and consistently good. The highly breaded, all-white flesh chicken fingers are tasty. In their stir-fries, the vegetables are very fresh, of high quality, and cooked to perfection. For many people, this is a significant bonus. However, the dishes frequently feature a lot of vegetables, which is fantastic to taste.

The food is always freshly prepared, presented in large servings, and hot. The personnel is courteous, pleasant, and helpful. The costs are affordable. This Chinese restaurant also offers delivery, which is convenient.

Prices: Estimate $30-$45 for a meal


4. Golden Fountain Chinese Restaurant

This Chinese restaurant serves shrimp and veggie meals had a ton of vegetables in them, and they are all quite fresh. A lot of it had to go home. Service can be very excellent!

In addition to being wonderful, the hot and sour soup features black mushrooms! The crab rangoons, in some people’s opinion, are the best anywhere. The food is always freshly prepared here, as has been the norm for years!

When you look at the website, they will advise ordering the day before. Excellent egg rolls will be served. If you want to request the extra hot Kung Pao Beef, that is what you will receive.

The fact that the two recipes used more expensive varieties of mushrooms rather than white buttons can surprise some chefs. Finally, congratulations on conducting less business to produce a high-quality product.

The eatery is located in a little strip mall on West Main Street in Hyannis. There are numerous booths, a few tables, and a counter where customers can order or pick up food to go. They have the greatest beef lo mein and egg rolls many of us had ever had, in some opinion. A few customers adore the chicken with lemon. There are plenty of other options on the menu that are equally delicious.

This place is said to be the greatest takeout in town in terms of quality and price. Two adults can be generously fed for two evenings on one supper entree, a side of rice, an appetizer, and an order of egg rolls.

Wonderful dishes include egg rolls, soups, boneless spareribs, and crab rangoon. Since ordering takeout from this restaurant more than 15 years ago, some people have never had a bad meal. Consistently good, spicy, and hotter. There are certain lunch specials that you must never miss.

Some would rather order takeout than eat in the dining room because it is a little cramped for seats and moving about, and it becomes chilly when the front door opens and closes. But when they promise, your takeaway food is always hot, nicely packed, and laden with condiments. Many customers suggested skipping the pizza ritual cause this place is great.

You will experience some amazing Chinese cuisine. The greatest crab rangoons and fried rice should be your first choice! Orders are filled quickly and the service is kind.

Prices: Estimate $27-$45 for a meal

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5. Tiki Port Chinese Restaurant

Serving fresh food daily, authentic family-style Cantonese, Mandarin, and Szechuan cuisine. Open daily from noon to 8 p.m. during COVID for takeout, curbside pickup, or Doordash delivery. Bar seating is still unavailable, but all customers are welcome to eat indoors in the Lounge, which will begin offering socially distant table service on June 22, 2020.

Three main business partners, Dong P. Wong, Peter Wong, and Fai Mah, all of whom were from the same province in southern China’s Guangdong, where many of the restaurant’s characteristic dishes originate, founded Tiki Port in April 1977.

The restaurant is currently run and managed by Fai Mah and his nephew, Fan Chung Mah, and it continues to serve a variety of Hyannis customers across many generations with high-quality family-style Chinese American food and traditional Chinese dishes.

It speaks a lot that this place has been there for so long. It is a favorite destination for most guests every time they travel back there because some people adore it. It looks like a traditional Chinese restaurant. The calming soundtrack and the entrance’s entrance are both very reminiscent. The staff is always incredibly pleasant, and the pricing is excellent. Because it is so delicious and fresh, you want to sample everything.

Having a place you can go to that makes you feel wonderful is nice. Many people also introduced this place to their children and other family members. Most of them come here for memories, delicious food, and welcoming people.

Regardless of what anyone says, this place has the best Chinese food around. The fried chicken wings are excellent! Keno is one of them. And a massive, frigid banquet-style hall, but if you’re with a big group, you get the space to yourself.

Parties with more than six people are subject to an additional gratuity, however, if you have a fantastic experience as most people did, you should leave more money!

Both the cuisine and the drinks are consistently excellent. Many people have been going here for a very long time, and because of their friendship with the proprietors over the years, they now cook some special dishes when they arrive, and the surprise never disappoints. The greatest Chicago beef chow mein many customers ever tasted, without a doubt.

Prices: Estimate $30-$45 for a meal


The traditional Chinese favorites General Tso’s chicken, egg rolls, and fortune cookies come to mind when most people think of Chinese food. But Chinese food is considerably more varied than that you will ever know.

Upon is the list of the top 5 Chinese restaurants in Hyannis,  these top Chinese restaurants if you’re searching for some tasty and authentic Chinese food. Everything from soups to noodles to dumplings and more is available. Additionally, if you’re up for an interesting flavor variation, try one of the fusion restaurants!

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