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10 Hyannis Restaurants for Breakfast Most Popular

Although Hyannis is well renowned for its seafood, it also offers a ton of wonderful mom-and-pop eateries offering up fresh handmade breakfasts every day all year long. You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking classics like waffles, pancakes, or pastries made at home. On Hyannis, we discovered the best of the best to satisfy any need for a sweet or savory breakfast.

Based on customer ratings, menus, and our some traveler’s personal experiences, there will be a list of the top 10 Hyannis breakfast restaurants listed below. To start your day off at the Hyannis right, some believe they each offer something distinct with well-balanced meals and some interesting takes on classics. They are not to be missed!

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1. Persy’s Place

Famous for having the biggest breakfast and brunch menu in New England. In 1982, Persy’s Place first opened its doors. Since that time, only family and friends have handled and operated it. Providing high-quality ingredients and “in-house” made bread for both breakfast and lunch.

The Boston Globe, the Providence Journal, and Yankee Magazine have all reviewed and given their recommendations. Some travelers were in Hyannis for a week while exploring the Cape, and they didn’t learn about this location until the second to last day they were there. Some of them found this to be a hidden gem because of the welcoming staff, extensive menu, and delicious meals.

French toast with raisins, home fries, a pancake, hash, and over-medium eggs—everything will be amazing and waiting for you to try it out. A really kind and diligent team will make your experience wonderful.

Prices: Estimate $20-$30 for a meal

2. Spoon and Seed

The Spoon and Seed crew, who introduced farm-to-table & holistic cuisine to Cape Cod in June 2015, has also changed how people eat all year round. Farm-to-table, holistic cuisine, sourdough, breakfast, lunch, and take-and-bake

In the middle of an industrial park, gourmet food will make you astonishing. This is the place to go if you’re a foodie or just prefer to try something a little fancier than your typical breakfast fare. Some ordered the butternut squash and turkey over naan bread and ordered eggs and homemade hash.

Many said tasted great. They also offer delicious cape cod nitro cold brew on tap. The tiny potatoes in the hash browns are very crunchy. This restaurant serves breakfast and lunch and is well worth the detour. Everything is handcrafted and presented beautifully.

Some travelers had broccoli, bacon, and cheddar omelet with hollandaise sauce while others had a sizable salad. The dishes are huge and excellent. Some say they will eager to return and try other items on the menu.

Prices: Estimate $15-$30 for a meal


3. Hearth N’ Kettle

Since its founding in 1973, Hearth ‘n Kettle has stayed true to its initial vision of being a restaurant that offers filling, healthy meals at affordable pricing in a welcoming environment. Every single encounter will be fantastic, and some adore all of the numerous egg benedict options they provide. As soon as you enter through the front entrance, you will always feel welcomed.

The service will be excellent. The setting has a cozy, pleasant vibe. The salad was extremely tasty and had some egg, fresh spinach, and a lot of delicious bacon. Mashed potatoes, mashed squash, gravy, and cranberry sauce will be included in the turkey supper.

The turkey will be delicious and fresh. Even the cranberry sauce is tasty, and the mashed potatoes will be perfect. The plated omelet will be completely filled with the delicious, nutritious, and less-than-nutritious excellent stuff some loaded themselves with.

You will enjoy it here cause they always tidy and clean the restrooms, they are always greeted by the seater at the door and thanked when they leave and one of the best things is parking is very simple.

Prices: Estimate $15-$30 for a meal


4. The West End

The West End Restaurant was established out of a shared desire for excellent service and unique culinary experiences by the husband and wife team of Jen Villa and Blane Toedt. You can relax with dinner and a drink while escaping the rush of daily life in one of the dining places decorated in The Great Gatsby style. This location is going to be a real jewel in the West End.

Many claims that it is clear from the scrumptious food and specialty cocktails to the lovely design and dining space that the owners and personnel put a lot of care and labor into this establishment. Some say that anyone looking for a fun night out or a Cape Cod local experience should definitely check it out.

There are truffle tots, jazz brunch, and jumbo lump crab cake in addition to stuffed quahogs and crabcakes. Examples of main courses include grilled swordfish with fruit salsa and fried chicken with mac and cheese. There is also a raw bar and less expensive burger options. Sunday mornings feature a jazz brunch with local performers.

Prices: Estimate $12-$50 for a meal


5. The Daily Paper

Only the freshest local food is served here. All of their fish and veggies are purchased from nearby vendors. Our coffee is quite popular! The Daily Paper proudly serves coffee from Wellfleet’s Beanstock Roasters. The Daily Paper in Hyannis, which is run by a chef, offers a fresh variation in flavor.

The dinner will arrive quite swiftly after the customer quickly offers a table. Many said that they have experienced excellent service. Their orange juice and black coffee are perfect to try.

Some said they really enjoyed the lobster, Benedict. However, it wasn’t overly buttery. Many enjoy the potato hash well-seasoned, and the hollandaise sauce will be just right.

Additionally, some received a dish of pancakes with chocolate chips to share at the table, and they were equally tasty. A few ate sausage links and French toast with blueberry compote.

Prices: Estimate $20-$45 for a meal


6. Ann & Fran’s Kitchen

Make sure to start your day at Ann and Fran’s Kitchen because it is said that breakfast is the most significant meal of the day. There are several reassuring foods that could make you miss home. The Farm Special, which comes with eggs, potatoes, toast, bacon, or sausage, is a timeless choice.

While the Slow Roasted Hash includes a 7-hour slow-roasted beef hash topped with eggs in any style, the Breakfast Sandwich is relatively simple to eat. The Steak & Eggs, Tofu Scramble, Eggs Benedict, and other entrees are available as additional options.

Choose from a selection of toppings to customize your omelet, or try a seasonal special like the Atlantic Omelet, which is made with lobster and crab meat. For those who have a sweet craving in the morning, the Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes and Thick Cut French Toast are ideal sweet and savory options.

Some of you will love the rustic-chic furnishings. This restaurant has high-quality meals and a creative menu. With 14 tables and bar seats inside, it is very clean and spacious. Their menu is distinctive and more nutritious than others. Service was outstanding and friendly.

Some said choosing was difficult because French toast with peaches is amazing. They served delicious, tasty, and non-greasy slow-roasted corn beef hash. Everything was ready to go. The coffee was strong and never-ending.

Prices: Estimate $15-$25 for a meal


7. Island Cafe & Grill

This family-run restaurant is dedicated to promoting regional cuisine while assisting small businesses and farmers in the community. To provide you with the freshest meals Cape Cod has to offer, they buy their products from regional farms. Island Cafe is a fun and opulent restaurant that offers excellent service in a welcoming setting. Come in and have a taste of paradise as you begin your day!

Some travelers review the space as quite roomy. The Interior shines, the varnish is brilliant, and it is spotless. There will be a whole bar! Curry goats are ordered the most, they will be served with plantains, slaw, rice, and peas (in a mold).

Everything will be amazing, plus the service. Jamaican owners had a terrific time with some of the customers. Many customers said the service was excellent, let’s come to the meal. The omelet will also be great, and some believe they had some of the best home fries they’ve ever tasted.

Everything will be well prepared. Both the coffee and the price will be excellent. The food is exceptional, and the service is warm and genuine. It will be a pleasant stop. Some liked the island atmosphere and their breakfast. It can be a little warm because there will be no air conditioning, but it can still be an excellent supper with enough food and a reasonable price.

Prices: Estimate $12-$25 for a meal

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8. Panera Bread

The best in each of us can be brought out by good food given by caring people in welcoming environments. Since they initially opened their cafe in St. Louis in 1987, that has been their guiding principle. Their bakers and chefs are always coming up with new ways to create mouthwatering foods that stimulate the senses. A sandwich with mac and cheese? Oh, yes.

Do cookies contain pretzels? They also did it. Their goal is to create dishes that our customers will not only crave but also enjoy eating because they contain only the best ingredients.

They are committed to providing their customers with wholesome, freshly prepared cuisine that they would be proud to serve their own families. Classic, hearty dishes are featured on their menu, which their chefs and bakers have created, each with a unique touch. Their sandwiches and bread are excellent, and curbside pickup is quite easy.

The soups and sandwiches at this restaurant are some of the best. The few times some customers visited have been fantastic, and the staff provides excellent service.

Everyone here is really kind, and the food is always fresh. Actually, the area is quite crowded. Many adore a fresh baguette and a bowl of creamy tomato soup. Some customer experience a wonderful Panera experience,  in many different cities.

Others ordered customary apple and Thai chicken salad, which was said to be as lovely and tasty as usual. They are always amazed at how beautifully presented their food is, even during lunch or supper rush hours. There is outdoor seating and buzzers on this one, which is excellent because they won’t be shouting names! It has nice, tidy toilets, and tasty cuisine.

Prices: Estimate $7-$15 for a meal

9. Ocean Street Cafe & Deli

In a contemporary, spotless, and relaxed setting, this restaurant serves a wide selection of specialty deli sandwiches, new classics, shish kebabs, salads, coffee, espresso, desserts, beer, and wine. You are likely to discover some new favorites among their Mediterranean-inspired cuisine and vegan and vegetarian selections.

You will be enjoyed a variety of sandwiches, salads, and a pita and hummus appetizer. Everything will be mouthwatering! There are a ton of delicious sandwich selections including enormous sandwiches.

Some customers said when they couldn’t get to the store before our boat left, Ocean Street was very accommodating when placing the order and even delivered a forgotten salad tray to the docks down the street for them.

The meal is excellent despite the sparse environment. There are many imaginatively titled sandwiches on the menu, such as the “Yes they have falafel” and the “Mayflower Deluxe,” both of which can be personally endorsed. In actuality, though, they will create pretty much about any filing that you can imagine.

Prices: Estimate $11-$30 for a meal

10. Pain D’Avignon Restaurant And Boulangerie

You may find everything a top-notch French patisserie would offer at Pain D’Avignon Restaurant and Boulangerie. Numerous devoted customers frequent the small business every day for its assortment of tasty pastries and expertly cooked loaves of bread.

The restaurant next door serves classic pasta dishes, hearty risottos, wonderful salads, and small meals that are perfect for sharing. The journey is worthwhile because Bruises d’Avignon is located near the Hyannis airport, just outside the city center.

You can purchase baked items here for your nice outside beach lunch. A great bottle of wine, a picnic by the sea, and items from your picnic basket like the ham and Swiss croissant or the spinach and feta Chausson work wonderfully together.

When the restaurant is full, it may be challenging to get a space due to the size of the parking lot. However, many customers pick up their bread or place takeout orders. In most cases, a spot will open up immediately after you go around the block once.

Prices: Estimate $20-$40 for a meal

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