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10 Hyannis Gluten Free Restaurants – You Should Know

There are incredible 10 gluten-free restaurants in Hyannis with renowned cuisines that not only provide wonderful gluten-free foods, but they’ve also mastered them. This is true whether you’ve decided to go gluten-free to be a little healthier, or if you’ve been diagnosed with an allergy or Celiac disease.

You may have your favorite foods, such as authentic Italian food, deep-dish pizza, and fried seafood, without using wheat or other gluten-containing ingredients. These are the top 10 gluten-free restaurants in Hyannis, according to many customer choices and reviews.

Diets without gluten, which they’re once uncommon, are now the new standard. Approximately 3 million Americans currently suffer from celiac disease. And up to 18 million people have a sensitivity to gluten despite not having celiac disease (meaning, they might experience some of the same symptoms, like upset stomach and trouble breathing).

Even more startling is the finding that, according to market research firm NPD Group, roughly 30% of Americans say they’re “interested in avoiding or cutting back on gluten in their diet.” The call is being answered by grocery shops. There are gluten-free options available in almost every category, including wine and beer, at even big-box stores like Costco, Target, and BJ’s.

But going out to eat might be something different. While it’s common for there to be few or no gluten-free menu selections, several businesses have started to make an effort.

Here are the top 10 gluten-free restaurants in Hyannis.

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1. Grilled Cheese Gallery

The first gluten-free restaurant in Hyannis customers had dinner at The Grilled Cheese Gallery on Main Street. After a few days of dining at more formal establishments, many said their meal was fantastic and just what they needed. Their kids, their husbands, and also them all appreciated the grilled cheese, chicken tenders, and fries.

Many enjoyed their lobster sandwich. And many strongly advised a lovely, simple, and laid-back supper of comfort food is all that you will need while traveling!

You can choose a basic grilled cheese, which is more than just classic thanks to its combination of cheeses and tomato basil soup dipping sauce.

Or you can order the #GCG, which is a sourdough sandwich with American cheese, tomato, and bacon. It also came with a dipping bowl of tomato basil soup with a sprinkle of balsamic.

In essence, the GCG is a counter with a few picnic tables in front of it. However, you will find it to be fantastic. You can have no idea that grilled cheese can come in so many different forms. Moreover, you can come and try a true dish on any day: grilled cheese with bacon and a side of fries.

You may say yummy when you come and eat at this restaurant. A tiny ramekin of tomato soup will be provided with the sandwiches for dipping. On the side dish, you can try some fries. Moreover, a glass of lavender lemonade can make your day.

It’s entertaining and interesting to eat here for a short lunch or snack. Not just another counter selling food, either. A rare find for this kind of restaurant, the service is exceptional—careful, responsive, and personalized. The proprietor cares deeply about grilled cheese and keeping consumers feeling satisfied.

Many customers can’t wait to return and sample the poutine and specials. They also offer vegan and gluten-free alternatives! Additionally, this restaurant thinks unicorns are real. Staff members are very kind, polite, and productive.

Prices: Estimate $15-$23 for a meal


2. Tumi Ceviche Bar & Restaurant

Peruvian food has recently made its way to Hyannis and is creating quite a stir. Both traditional Italian fare and authentic Peruvian cuisine are served at Tumi Ceviche Bar and Restaurante. The charming patio and quirky interior design create the perfect atmosphere for an enjoyable, informal eating experience.

Start with the quinoa-crusted Andean crab cakes, which are topped with crispy choclo (delicious giant corn kernels). The Pescado A Lo Macho is an incredible seafood feast that combines deep-fried whole Branzino, aji Amarillo, calamari, and mussels. For those who are less daring, Tumi also provides traditional Italian dishes.

Try the Fresh Fish of the Day selection or the Mixto with shrimp, octopus, mussels, and the catch of the day at this restaurant known for its ceviche. To complete your dinner, be sure to order one of their specialty drinks, such as the Pisco Sour.

As a small hunting expedition before your meal, look for the sign for Tumi’s painted high on a brick wall on Main Street with an arrow leading you down the alley. And don’t worry this restaurant serves gluten-free choices for many customers.

Prices: Estimate $29-$52 for a meal


3. Colombo’s Cafe & Pastries

They come to the third gluten-free restaurant in Hyannis! The word “Colombo” is an Italianized version of the Latin word “Colomba,” which means “dove,” also known as the “bird of peace.” Friends and family come to celebrate the ordinary events that have an impact on their lives in a spirit of peace. The foundation for sharing these daily passions is great food, drink, and discussions.

Colombo’s Café & Pastries represents the cherished idea of the “meeting place,” which was developed in Italy. It is a place where “everyone is they come, every day at any time,” or “Benvenuti a tutti” in Italian, is genuinely the case. Here, the time-tested, centuries-old custom of “all are they come” is upheld.

Colombo’s Café is pleased to present a new menu that includes fresh pasta and other classic dishes, as theyll as a renovated setting and top-notch service as usual. They eventually went to Colombo, which was overdue given that any place that has a car with a huge fork, spaghetti, and meatball on top ought to be seen right away.

You can try many dishes like two chicken breast filets cooked lovingly with spinach and a white wine sauce that was flavorful and delicious. Many wiped the bits of their leftover bread to pick up the sauce and eat it. This was another fantastic meal.

The herb garnish added some dimension to the risotto, which was also creamy and cheesy. Many customers they’re quite delighted with the risotto. Although it was said a little saltier than the other dishes, it nevertheless ranks as one of the best dishes for the meal.

This restaurant promotes some plates of pasta as being produced in-house, and many can usually be a little dubious when a restaurant makes that claim, but these noodles tasted homemade—they’re crumbly, chewy, strangely formed, and just the right amount of al dente and tasty. The short rib was tender and flavorful. Many people had to say delicious.

The pizza with arugula can be amazing. Arugula is used liberally and goes nicely with goat cheese, sliced tomatoes, and other toppings. While you can think that you will see some mozzarella, you can have been hallucinating. The crisp and thin crust is present. This will be incredible in every way.

The green beans are good, and many people liked that they weren’t seasoned with unnecessary junk like butter, or at least not a lot. You can also request spinach, and they will assist you with that order as well.

The linguini with burrata is equally fantastic. It comes with two balls with a tasty tomato sauce. The pasta is precisely al dente and chewy. The linguini with clams, a dish made with squid ink. Don’t forget to try the noodles and the sauce can be both quite delicious.

A fantastic tactile experience with a burst of umami is created by the crispy shell and juicy pop of mushrooms with savory components and crunchy/tender components.

You can try to purchase their Oreo mousse dessert to go at this point. There will be four layers. This can have been better despite how lovely it will be. Overall, this meal is excellent for many people.

Prices: Estimate $35-$57 for a meal


4. The Naked Oyster Seafood Restaurant

The Naked Oyster is the ideal location for a memorable date night or a lively evening with friends. One of the several oyster appetizers available at the raw bar or your choice of dressed-and-baked oysters is a great way to start a seafood dinner.

For a distinctive take on a traditional dish, choose the regional sirloin with poached shrimp or the scallop and fig mascarpone ravioli. You may enjoy a wonderful range of wines by the glass and by the bottle at The Naked Oyster along with your delectable meal. oysters from Barnstable’s Naked Oyster sea farm are served at this award-winning raw bar.

A wine room below for 12 to 20 people and a more intimate dining area with a bistro feel near the bar. Excellent menu items for gluten-free diners as well! The waiters and bartenders are always excellent. This is one of the few restaurants in Hyannis that does a good job of capturing the feel of a city cafe.

The Naked Oyster’s proprietors cultivate their oysters in the surrounding Barnstable Harbor. You can be sure that these farm-fresh delights are excellent and that you are eating the freshest oysters on the cape since they are cultivated and harvested by dedicated farmers.

This restaurant is rare and diverse. Many loved the artwork everywhere and the illumination with the “flower” covers. Many customers have pleasant gluten-free choices. Thai shrimp and rice noodles are many choices. Very good with bok choy, snap peas, and crispy cashews in peanut sauce. About four or five of the jumbo-sized shrimp were cooked to perfection. Many think this was a dish meant for dinner even though they went for lunch.

This restaurant provides farm-fresh meals in a modern, cozy atmosphere on Main Street. Excellent service and the only menu many saw with alternatives for gluten-free customers. They raise oysters nearby, and they are wonderful. Foodies visiting Hyannis and others searching for a unique setting for a nice supper shouldn’t miss this spot!

From Wednesday through Saturday, the restaurant only serves supper. At 4:30, the service begins. You must taste the Rockefeller, Oyster Persillade when you visit because it is incredible.

Prices: Estimate $63-$91 for a meal


5. Fogo Brazilian Bbq

Many people they’re very happy that they found this hidden treasure.  There was a buffet style with the option of rodizio, and you weighed your dish to be charged by the pound. Everyone in this restaurant speaks Portuguese. Affordable as they are! Seriously a treasure and they’re giggling uncontrollably at this find. An amazing meal will be served here!

The buffet also included salads, rice and beans, spaghetti, braised beef, roasted fowl, and a few choices for gluten-free customers. You can order a rodizio and a drink, which can come to a total of $20. This restaurant its originality, reasonable costs, and taste.

Many people were delighted that they came across this location on the Hyannis. When you become sick of seafood, this offers a welcome change of pace. The food is quite decent here. In addition to the churrasco, they provide a Brazilian buffet with a wide variety of delectable foods.

Many favorite dishes were the stroganoff. You can enjoy some of the best desserts. Even chocolate flan, which many never tried before, is available. They also have a bar in the rear, which was kind of empty when many customers arrived because it was just after lunch but is reportedly very active at night. The staff was welcoming to every customer.

You will spend a little bit more because they serve in china rather than plastic, unlike many of these Brazilian or gluten-free restaurants where you pay by the pound, but in some opinion, it will be worth it. Many went back for supper another night because they had such a great time there.

The nicest part of this restaurant is that you can enter, get a plate, choose what you want, and then you’re ready to leave. If you’ve grown to love Brazilian food you will love this restaurant, especially the BBQ meats.

Fresh off-the-grill chicken hearts, beef ribs, and top sirloin are served with white rice, beans, and mashed potatoes. Heaven on earth for food porn right there inside this restaurant. The staff is generally kind and provides decent service. A real treasure in the Hyannis region. The service can be very polite and the meal will be excellent.

The buffet portion even included items like a delectable chicken stroganoff and Caesar salad that are less frequently found at Brazilian restaurants in New York City. And for dessert, you can try some chocolate flan. A little bar in the rear can be practically empty but the waiter said that it becomes very crowded at night.

The beer is served in a tiny glass in the traditional Brazilian manner. Give this establishment a try if you love seafood like many do since you’ll grow sick of it after a week on the Hyannis. Although you pay by the pound, prices are slightly more than at certain Brazilian restaurants with some gluten-free choices.

Prices: Estimate $35-$60 for a meal


6. Misaki Japanese Sushi Restaurant

Many had four different rolls, all of which they’re excellent. The Vidalia onion and tuna wrap are highly recommended by the amiable waitress, and you will be agreed that they will be the finest. Even though parking can be a little difficult, this restaurant is worth visiting.

This restaurant serves some of the finest sushi many of us have ever eaten, and many customers said they would be returning. Only dinnertime patrons are allowed here. Many don’t do it credit when they state that their sushi is the freshest that they ever tasted.

The sushi rice is soft, the service is outstanding, and the fish is of the highest caliber. This restaurant can get crowded, so be sure to call and make a reservation! Additionally, be sure to give yourself additional time to find parking before your appointment because it might be challenging, but this location is such a treasure! Many people said if they could, they would give it more stars.

The tuna tartare is great and came in a substantial quantity, and many waiters are quite kind. The setting is pleasant and buzzed with friendliness. The personnel is helpful and courteous. Without comprehending the enormity of the dishes, they ordered a few appetizers. The “Monkey Balls” are highly advised. Many said delicious and distinctive!

The rolls here are extremely excellent and of the highest possible quality and freshness. The Toro sashimi will be incredible! Many ones said this restaurant is their favorite sushi so far in Hyannis! The lobster jalapeno ap is delicious, but not too spicy. Many customers said they had eaten extremely nice sushi here. They enjoy some of the adorable no-show tables, but there are also standard tables available. Always excellent service.

The only drawback is that they are, many believe, closed on Sundays and Mondays throughout the winter for about a month. Therefore, contact ahead to confirm that this restaurant is open on those days and at certain times; otherwise, the Hyannis region has the best sushi!

You can have some excellent supper this evening. Many people have severe food restrictions, and this restaurant was extremely kind and polite. And the cooks, who once again provided excellent service, created a superb uni shooter off the menu.

Many sampled a variety of foods and thoroughly appreciated them all. They are in love with the Attack Lobster. Sincerely, everything will be so wonderful, and many were filled. A lot of customers adore this location.

Prices: Estimate $40-$80 for a meal


7. Ocean Street Cafe & Deli

This restaurant offers a large variety of specialty deli sandwiches, new classics, vegan kebabs, salads, coffee, espresso, desserts, beer, and wine in a modern, immaculate, and informal atmosphere. Their vegan and vegetarian options, as well as their food with a Mediterranean influence, are certain to become some of your new favorites.

You may have a choice of salads, sandwiches, and an appetizer of pita, hummus, or some gluten-free choices. Everything will be delicious! There are many mouthwatering sandwich options, including huge vegan sandwiches.

Some customers claimed that Ocean Street was very helpful when placing the order and even transported a forgotten salad tray to the docks down the street for them when they couldn’t get to the store before their boat left.

Despite the minimal setting, the dinner is great. On the menu, there are several sandwiches with creative names like the “Yes they have falafel” and the “Mayflotheyr Deluxe,” both of which they can personally recommend. When it comes to vegan options, they will construct just about any filling you can think of.

This little deli/café was just great! It was consistent while they are here out of season. What it’s like here in the heat of summer, they can’t even begin to imagine! Some ordered the Cuban panini that was listed on the specials board, while many had the “I Love this Place” sandwich, which included ham, salami, fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers, lettuce, and tomato on toasted ciabatta bread.

A bag of Hyannis potato chips and a superb pickle will be included with every one! When a Barnstable Police Officer walks in for lunch, you know the establishment is worthwhile.

Many will also suggest Ocean Street Cafe if you’re searching for a great lunch spot! Their meal is prepared with care and fresh ingredients. The Hungarian Mushroom Soup caught some attention and many decided to order it. It resembles a cream of mushroom somewhat.

It had a lot of mushrooms and was good, although it could have used a little less salt. Normally a vegetarian sandwich, the Moana sandwich is what they choose to add turkey. Furthermore, many adore alfalfa sprouts on a sandwich. The sandwich is extremely amazing and the bread pieces are toasted. The sandwich is also well-portioned. Overall, a fantastic lunch spot in the center of Hyannis that you can come and try.

Prices: Estimate $11-$30 for a meal

8. The Knack

They adore the renowned cuisine of the Cape, including hamburgers, lobster rolls, clam rolls, hot dogs, onion rings, shakes, and ice cream. They started the blog to share the food they grew up eating, the food that tastes great after a day at the beach, and the food that epitomizes Cape Cod summers.

Purchase the haddock fish sandwich. Take away. They then at about 6 p.m. on a Sunday when many other restaurants they’re closed. Ordering using the website, which is well-organized, was quick. All options are available upon ordering. The food was fresh and delicious, and it was served in less than 10 minutes. The fried fish wasn’t greasy at all. fresh bread A lot of fish was served.

The size is almost too big for the bun. Reasonable price, especially in a country where fish sandwiches cost $25. They probably spent $12 on each sandwich. Prob will now be our “go-to” restaurant for a fast fish sandwich.

I’ve eaten here twice, the second time on a Thursday. I had a Ring Burger and a Fried Chicken Sandwich, both of which they’re delicious and fresh. Like when my wife and I came for our first meal here. My order was processed quickly—no more than six minutes—and the establishment was extremely clean and they’ll-organized. The personnel also worked in a very pleasant way, which isn’t something you see every day. Nice work to the entire squad, manager, and owners!

walked up and placed an order for an onion ring side and a lobster wrap. I’ve occasionally had lobster rolls, and I’ve eaten a lot of onion rings. Without a doubt, this was among my top lobster rolls, and the onion rings they’re up there with the finest I’ve ever had.

Very clean and has a great restaurant environment. The employees they’re excellent. In all honesty, I didn’t linger long enough to take in the ambiance; nonetheless, there was a little delay while my food was made; after which, I took it to go. In a few months, I’ll be coming back this way; maybe, I’ll be able to drop by once again. I appreciate a wonderful supper.

Five stars only for the burger. My boyfriend got the avocado burger, and I had the single traditional cheeseburger. They ate our fill without exchanging a single word with each other. The bottom bun problem, in which the bottom bun shrinks and becomes smaller than the top, makes ordering burgers a pain, but this burger was excellent.

Up to the very last meal, every bite had the bun, the burger, and the toppings. Fries and onion rings they’re also ordered; they’re both tasty and crunchy. The accompanying sauce is excellent, just like the onion rings.

Amazing burger with avocado! The combination of the cheese, avocado, caramelized onions, and burger sauce was delicious. There was also a sizable serving of salty, crunchy fries. So excellent, many people return!

Prices: Estimate $25-$30 for a meal

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9. El Mariachi Loco

On Main Street in Hyannis, this genuine Mexican family-run restaurant opened its doors in 2014. They work diligently each day to maintain the consistency of our handcrafted and fresh tastes to the greatest standards.

This was without a doubt the nicest meal many have had all week. There isn’t much seating, and it seems like many residents get takeaway here. For their supper, they were fortunate enough to get a table outside. The meal arrived very quickly. Everything, including the tortilla chips, was delectable. Coming back the next time. Remember that this restaurant doesn’t serve alcohol.

Along Hyannis’ main thoroughfare. It is little yet offers cozy outside sitting. Everything you can imagine, including tacos and burritos, is made with freshly prepared ingredients. You won’t have to wait very long to eat. The way guacamole is intended to be, it is thick, really fresh, and extremely straightforward.

While there are a few Mexican restaurants in Hyannis, many people will advise you to try this little one and sit down to observe the visitors. Many dishes are full of flavor!

Chorizo and pastor tortas were ordered! The sauces are kinda hot and tasty, and they can be huge. There will be plenty of meat, lettuce, tomato, onion, jalapenos, beans, mayo, fried cheese, and guacamole in the sandwiches, which also had a fantastic French roll.

If you order sandwiches, they can be prepared in about 5 to 10 minutes, and the service is prompt. For your information, they do not offer dine-in service, however, they do have tables outdoors on sunny days.

Excellent meals, affordable prices, prompt and kind service. Highly recommended for a light supper or lunch. Secluded outdoor dining areas. Many favorite tacos were with chorizo. Many superior tacos than those at the more upscale and pricey Anejo across the street. Come on in and enjoy yourself!

Prices: Estimate $20-$35 for a meal


10. Embargo

Embargo was voted to be the best restaurant/bar in Hyannis, elevating the tapas idea with a blend of classic Spanish and cutting-edge new American tapas, served with house-infused martinis and handmade sangria.

Embargo provides a trendy and lively alternative to the Cape’s conventional cuisines and settings, served in a cosmopolitan setting. Wine aficionados will like the extraordinarily affordable wine selection, which offers 16 bottles for less than $30.

Even somebody’s pickiest child could choose anything on the menu since there are so many different selections, which they liked. You probably should have saved room for the fantastic meals you going to receive because the apps they tasted will be so amazing. You can begin by eating some clam chowder.

They often get it in places with varying degrees of taste, and it was one of many favorites. If there are potatoes at all, it would be the only thing they could change. It was a bit difficult to tell if the potatoes are just extremely finely diced because they added bacon, which can be a fantastic addition.

Many can order it again in a heartbeat. Calamari and poutine are the other hors d’oeuvres. Calamari with spicy peppers in the batter can be very excellent. Because it can be poutine, it is nice.

Even though many don’t often order pizza at Texturait with such fantastic entrée selections or outstanding, the J Mac pizza is fascinating! You can enjoy this pizza-shaped Big Mac! However, a lot of napkins are always ready to use.

The Mac and cheese are excellent. The rib eye medium rare will be prepared nicely and tasty, and the hamburgers are also wonderful.

Prices: Estimate $35-$84 for a meal

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