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Top 10 American Restaurants In Hyannis MA 2022

There are so many cool American restaurants in Hyannis that it’s easy to find and try. Fresh ingredients, indoor and outdoor seats, plus Main Street and waterfront dining all contribute to a lively and enjoyable dining experience. Fine dining, traditional fried fare, and internationally influenced restaurants are available, as are exquisite sweet stores and artisan bakeries.

In Hyannis, there is no need to go hungry. The most difficult decision will be deciding on a restaurant. Once seated, you will be presented with a magnificent menu to browse while sipping your preferred libation.

The restaurants listed below are not in any particular order.

1. Tumi Ceviche Bar & Restaurante

Tumi Ceviche Bar and Restaurante serve authentic Peruvian meals as well as typical American. The terrace is beautiful, and the quirky interior décor sets the tone for a pleasant, relaxed dining experience.

Begin with the crab cakes, which are quinoa crusted and topped with crispy choclo. The adventurous diner will love the Pescado A Lo Macho, which combines deep-fried entire Branzino, aji Amarillo, calamari, and mussels for an incredible seafood feast. Tumi also serves traditional Italian fare for the less daring customer.

Try the Fresh Fish of the Day or the Mixto, which includes shrimp, octopus, mussels, and the catch of the day. To cap out your dinner, try one of its distinctive drinks, such as the Pisco Sour.

Pro Tip: Tumi’s sign is painted high on a brick wall on Main Street, with an arrow leading you into the alley; a little search before you dine.

Prices: Estimate $29-$52 for a meal


2. Alberto’s America Restaurant

Alberto’s, located in the heart of Hyannis, offers casual fine dining. The culinary foundations of the extensive menu are in Italian cuisine, with a heavy focus on fresh, local American meals.

To begin, both the Mussels Fra Diavolo and the Truffle Gnocchi are terrific options. The pasta course menu has delectable items like shrimp manicotti and lobster ravioli. Of course, fresh boiled or baked stuffed lobster is available, but Alberto’s also provides a variety of seafood, beef, chicken, veal, and duck dishes.

After eating the veal saltimbocca or the pig Milanese, you’ll be chanting “O Sole Mio.” Behind Alberto’s is a large public parking lot. The parking is free and ideally located for walking down Hyannis’ Main Street before or after supper.

Prices: Estimate $42-$70 for a meal


3. Fishermen’s View

Excellent work all around when you come to this place! Many people enjoyed the sushi, and they ate the lobster roll without saying anything.

This place is buzzing with activity. Loud and live music. But not in a negative sense. If you’re looking for fresh seafood, this is the place to go.

Many people had the hot lobster roll with fries. The bread was lightly grilled on the outside for a slight crunch and a pleasant and soft pillow on the inside. In addition, the appropriate amount of garlic butter was used. Then they go to the lobster itself. Super fresh, really flavorful, and precisely what Many people were looking for. They also ordered a few rolls because Many people still getting their feet wet in the sushi world.

Many people enjoyed both rolls, but my favorite was the burned scallop rolls. Many people tasted my first clam; Many weren’t a fan, but the rest of the table loved them. There was not a single individual at our 7-person table who was dissatisfied with whatever they ordered.

Prices: Estimate $31-$60 for a meal


4. Baxter’s Cape Cod

An apparently modest, shingled hut on the ocean packs one of Hyannis’ most potent seafood punches. When visiting Hyannis, Baxter’s Cape Cod is the place to go for a delicious lobster roll or seafood feast. The views from this harborside restaurant are breathtaking, and the cuisine is delectably superb. If you’ve never had a quahog, their stuffed version is out of this world. Any Cape Codder would tell you that the quahog is the ideal Cape delicacy.

Classic meals include seafood soup, fried whole belly clams, steamers, and lobster any way you like it, whether fried, grilled, or broiled. Plan a meal at Baxter’s for the greatest laid-back, fresh-from-the-ocean experience on Cape Cod.

Baxter’s was a fantastic experience… the food was delicious, the personnel was extremely friendly, and the scenery was breathtaking, especially as the sun fell over the sea! Many people highly suggest it! The rates are typical for a seafood restaurant by the water, but they are not exorbitant!

The deck seating provides excellent views of the bay. You might see seals in the port if you’re lucky. The clam chowder and stuffed quahog were delicious. Looking for a high-energy indoor bar setting? They also have that. The staff is friendly and helpful. There’s something for everyone.

Handy Tip: When the Kennedys are in residence at their Hyannis estate, they frequent Baxter’s. You could find yourself dining next to one of the renowned family members.

Prices: Estimate $29-$65 for a meal


5. The Naked Oyster

The Naked Oyster is ideal for a relaxing supper with friends or a romantic date night. Whether you choose the raw bar with a variety of oysters or the dressed and baked oyster selections, you will discover delectable oyster appetizers to kick off your seafood dining experience.

For a new take on a classic, try the local scallops and fig mascarpone ravioli or the surf and turf-style sirloin with poached shrimp. To complement your delectable feast, The Naked Oyster provides a wonderful range of wines by the glass and by the bottle.

The Naked Oyster’s oysters are grown in neighboring Barnstable Harbor. You can be sure that these farm-fresh delicacies are exquisite and that you are feasting on the freshest oysters on the cape since they are tended by devoted farmers who produce and harvest the tiny animals. It is only available for supper from Wednesday to Saturday. The service begins at 4:30 p.m.

If you enjoy good food, this is the place to be. They get really busy, but the wait is well worth it. They started with oysters and caviar, followed by mushroom truffle pate. Both were excellent. They got the scallops and the duck confit for our main courses, and they were both fantastic.

Personally, Many people thought the duck confit was simply excellent, and Many people hope Many people could have it again. They’ll return the next time they visit the Cape. The risotto was simply delicious. Delectable and perfectly prepared. The scallops were cooked to perfection. The risotto was fantastic.

Prices: Estimate $63-$91 for a meal


6. The Black Cat Tavern

The Black Cat Tavern is perched above the lively Hyannis waterfront. Consider the Black Cat for a fun hideaway terrace lunch or supper if you want a bustling waterfront entertainment display while you dine. It has a large assortment of appetizers that are ideal for sharing. Try the baked Barnstable oysters, or the scallops and native steamers. The enormous black cat lobster roll is a Cape Cod lunch or dinnertime favorite. The kitchen provides diners with a variety of delicious food alternatives, whether baked, fried, grilled, or blackened.

They came here on a suggestion, and while the clam chowder wasn’t the finest, the lobster Newburg was delicious! The service was fantastic! Quick and effective! This vacation’s best dining experience on the Cape! Many people will be back!

Many people hadn’t gone to this restaurant in a long time and were pleasantly surprised to learn that the food and service quality had not deteriorated. Many people had a fantastic night with Anton, a very polite and educated server who recommended numerous foods and drinks that all lived up to his suggestions. They made me an off-menu salad or Caesar salad topped with fried clams, which was delicious and came with a generous number of clams. Many people can’t wait to return.

Pro Tip: Because the port area is so popular in Hyannis, public parking is scarce. If you’re going out to eat during rush hour, consider walking or taking a taxi/rideshare service.

Prices: Estimate $52-$112 for a meal


7. Torino

Torino is the place to go for a drink or supper in the heart of downtown Hyannis. The patio provides customers with a dynamic location in which to enjoy a delicious dinner, catch up with old friends, and relax while people watching from your Main Street table. Torino is a lively, informal dining venue with terrific food that your holiday vibe desires after a long day at the beach.

Torino serves traditional pizzas, a large range of nutritious salads, and a variety of Italian-American dishes. Downtown, the Torino prime burger is the greatest. If you want a delicious lobster, get their lobster mac and cheese instead of your kid’s mac and cheese dish!

Word Of Advice: Because the terrace is prominent on Main Street and the restaurant is usually always full, plan to wait for a table.

Prices: Estimate $15-$30 for a meal


8. Pain D’Avignon Restaurant And Boulangerie

Everything you’d expect from a great French patisserie can be found at Pain D’Avignon Restaurant and Boulangerie. Customers go to the modest business on a regular basis to sample the perfectly prepared slices of bread and delectable pastries. Classic pasta, substantial risottos, stunning salads, and small plates suitable for sharing may be found in the neighboring restaurant.

Avignon Bread It is worth the journey because it is located outside of the downtown area, near the Hyannis airport. This is the spot to get the baked goods for your lovely alfresco beach meal. Picnic basket options such as the spinach and feta Chausson or the ham and Swiss croissant combine wonderfully with a great bottle of wine and a waterfront picnic view.

Because the parking lot is small, obtaining a place can be difficult when the restaurant is busy. However, many visitors opt for bread or takeout. Circling the block will generally give you enough time to find a parking spot.

Prices: Estimate $42-$89 for a meal


9. Gannon’s Tavern

The meal has always been delicious according to many people! Fresh, well-cooked, and delicious! They have never received anything other than excellent! Because of the fresh seafood offerings, their specials are where it’s at in some people’s opinion.

Second, the owner is the sweetest person! Many customers’ son has autism, and they can be quite energetic. Small activities or accomplishments mean a lot to them.  The owner has always been treated well there, which can be difficult to discover at times. They are extremely grateful to the owner; Many people don’t think he realizes what he accomplished with that tiny effort! But they are grateful because a truly good individual like them deserves all the revenue and success for their firm.

Prices: Estimate $15-$30 for a meal


10. Downtown Bistro

Many people can see why this area is always bustling. The meal and service were both superb. Many people ordered a ginger martini, which was delicious and had a strong ginger flavor. It wasn’t overly sweet, either. Many people had Thai mussels as an appetizer. The sauce was tasty if a little on the sugary side. Some of the mussels were closed, making it difficult to extract the meat.

Many people had the seared tuna tataki for dinner, which is also available as an appetizer. It was served with an Asian slaw, which was essentially a salad with carrots, cabbage, and other vegetables. The tuna was perfectly prepared and seared with a sesame seed coating. The tuna was perfectly prepared and seared with a sesame seed coating. The food was delicious.

Many people have been to it several times and have never been disappointed. The owner is fantastic, extremely accommodating, and always gracious. The wait staff is always kind and on time. A comfortable and tidy environment. The coffee-rubbed pork is amazing. They also enjoyed the mango salad, beet salad, burger and fries, stuffed haddock, both steak meals, and the new menu item for this winter… chicken parm! Make a reservation—well it’s worth the drive, and you’ll be a fan!

Prices: Estimate $31-$50 for a meal

The 10 restaurants on the list are true hidden gems for a mouthwatering supper. When some people visited Hyannis a few years ago for a road race, several people had some of the greatest American meals they had ever had at some of these restaurants. These eateries are particularly unique since they not only provide delectable food but also foster a laid-back but vibrant ambiance throughout the day and well into the evening. The factors used to select those eateries as the top ones in Hyannis included their unique menu options, customer reviews, use of fresh ingredients, and personal experiences.

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